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CHED Commissioner Adamat grace Claveria, Jasaan Joint Commencement Exercises

USTP CLAVERIA. The University’s Chairperson of the Board of Regents, Commissioner Ronald Lapat Adamat of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), delivered an inspiring Commencement Address to the 555 graduates of USTP Claveria and 109 graduates of USTP Jasaan during its Joint Commencement Exercises held at the USTP Claveria Auditorium on April 11, 2018.

Commissioner Adamat named the graduates as ‘totoong mukha ng USTP’ and labelled them as ‘USTP Ambassadors na may Puso’, having been inculcated by USTP with the principles of creativity, transparency, and integrity in leadership, and taught with the basic tenets and foundation of good governance, respect, regard and consideration of each other’s worth.

Addressing the graduates on the theme ‘2018 Graduates: Ambassadors for a Strong and Dynamic Academe-Industry and Global Partnership,’ the Commissioner challenged the graduates to go into the world as the new ambassadors of innovative and transformational partnership for development in their respective communities.

He recounted his experience as a young boy being a member of the Teduray Tribe, how he walked three kilometers each day just to reach school and how they were trained to form partnerships with other tribes just to defend their indigenous culture and their way of life. One day, he decided to change the game by joining hands and making peace.

As a Commissioner of CHED, he proudly said that he had successfully brought and introduced the culture of peace and partnership in CHED along with SUCs and international peace networks; pushed for the partnership between academe and industry insofar as research studies and programs are concerned; forged for the development of socio-economic and political landscape of the country; and pursued innovations and transformation of the higher education system.

As the graduates leave the portals of the University, he challenged them not to forget to exercise discipline in their everyday lives because like endurance, desire and preparation, discipline is an integral part of their training.

Commissioner Adamat further stressed that the outcome of education is more relevant and responsive if it carries with them the needed values, virtues and good habits. He inspired the graduates to be like athletes who are willing to pay the price to attain the goal. The most important thing is not how to begin but rather how to finish the competition, he said.

During his address, Commissioner Adamat requested the graduates to stand and clap in cadence and shout “Mabuhay!” as a gesture of deep gratitude to the parents and relatives who helped realize the dream of the graduates and to the mentors who painstakingly prepared them to face the real world.

The memorable occasion ended with joyous exultation and jubilations by the graduates, proud parents, stakeholders and the whole USTP community. (NDSalaan)