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Official Monthly Journal of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines

Promethean Sixth Issue | March 2021

CiTL reintroduces the Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) framework to USTP-CDO Faculty members last March 18-19, 25-26, & 29, 2021. Twenty-five select faculty participated in the Advancing CDIO Training where they revisited the CDIO framework, academic programs and curricula and participated in various asynchronous workshop sessions. Aside from the workshops, the faculty members gave their reflections and insights on the important learning they have from the previous talks and discussions.

CDIO Framework guides the faculty members as they ensure that students have a venue for hands-on experience which is a vital foundation for learning. In this framework, instructors find strategies in which students experience the concrete and apply it in the abstract- that is active and hands-on learning. Moreover, CDIO helps teachers ensure that the students practice innovative problem formulation and solution.

During the training, the faculty-participants presented output which showed CDIO-compliant approaches and strategies which they can employ in their programs. CDIO Master Trainers Engr Rojien Morcilla, Engr Lloyd Jhon Estampa, and Engr Aileen Sieras, facilitated the whole training.

Participants who showed exemplary performance during the training were :Ms Nestle Bacatan(COT), Ms Petal May Dal (CITC), Vera Karla Caingles, PhD (CEA), Engr. Rosalie Vertudes (CEA), Ar. William Harvey Evangelista (CEA), Engr. Jasper Jementiza (CEA), John Robert Guerrerro, PhD (CSM), Mr. Julian Apalisok (CSTE), Mr. Arnel Travero (CSTE), and Nesteve Agosto( CSM). They are the prime movers of the CDIO from USTP-CDO Campus and will move forward to the mentoring sessions

Promethean Fifth Issue | February 2021


The sound of the goblets echoed throughout the room as the deans, directors, administrative and academic heads and faculty members congratulated the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CiTL) for what it has accomplished a year after the center was conceived.

Although CiTL has been serving the faculty-clients of the USTP community since 2020, the center has not yet been officially launched due to the sudden onset of the pandemic brought by Covid 19. However, last February 26, 2021 at 3:00 o’ clock in the afternoon, CiTL was officially launched and congratulatory messages flooded in affirmation of their support to the center.

The event was truly a cheer of triumph for everything that the center has been through for the past year: from the birth pains of its creation, the abrupt shift from the normal face to face trainings and teaching to Flexible Learning and webinars, endless meetings for training schedules, sleepless nights whilecreating modules and action plans and more. These were reciprocated with boundless thank you messages, never-ending praises, and heartwarming comments from everyone in the university; add up the numerous faculty members who dared take the challenge of sharing their best practices to the whole teaching community which in turn allowed them to shine and encouraged other colleagues to better their instruction and strategies in engaging students during Flexible Learning.


Promethean Fourth Issue | January 2021

Everyone has gone helter-skelter when the pandemic suddenly hit us. With everything that’s going on, ensuring that our mental state is healthy is a top-most priority. As such, CiTL has initiated Calmness Amidst Chaos, an online event dedicated to rekindling and re-invigorating work-life balance of the faculty members.

Life-coach Cristine De Leon Alcala guided the faculty-participants as they all recalled and reflected on their experiences for the past days and months. The faculty members of the USTP community were exuberant during the event. In fact, many were eager to comment their answers (even feelings and thoughts) during the sharing by Ms Alcala. Furthermore, the event fostered and renewed the trailblazers optimism and positivism amidst the chaos in these present times.

Dr. Tito M. Mariquit, Director of Human Resource Management, USTP System, commented that “a time for de-stressing is very necessary to remind us that life is not all work—that we have to pause, breathe and reflect about our experiences. This way, we will be able to manage our lives and allow for work and life balance.”

Calmness Amidst Chaos is only the first of the series for Faculty Mental Health Webinars.


Promethean Third Issue | December 2020

The YEARNing for excellence in innovative teaching and learning has come into its fruition as multitudes of seminars, webinars and trainings both in-campus and out-campus were provided for all faculty members (part-time, and regular) from January-December 2020.

Although USTP, and everyone else, have had it rough and challenging, it never stopped moving forward giving quality teaching and service to its clientele. The various programs and services were pursued with more fervor than ever and innovative strategies were put in place in time for the modification of learning from face-to-face to Flexible Learning.

Promethean Second Issue | November 2020

November 6, 2020—the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL), in collaboration with the Human Resource Management (HRM), commenced its 5-day Faculty Onboarding and Career Upstart Seminar (FOCUS) which was aimed to orient and equip the newly-hired faculty members on the working environment and employment matters they have to heed upon operating in USTP.

The 5-day seminar took on four aspects of the faculty’s employment life: the USTP culture, their professional responsibilities, their professional and career growth, and their transition towards CITL’s pedagogical training designed to enrich their instructional skills.

Promethean First Issue | January to October 2020

USTP instructors shared their innovative Flexible Learning Experiences to the USTP community last October 28, 2020 via Zoom. Dr. Cordulo P. Ascaño II, Engr. John Rey B. Bajuyo, Prof. Juliet B. Cagampang, and Mr. Giovanni B. Cagurin, shared their best practices in conducting online lectures which effectively engaged students. During the sharing, the faculty-guests imparted the strategies, applications, means and ways of reaching out to the students to ensure that they are into the lessons during live sessions. Specifically, Dr. Ascaño shared how he was readily available for the students’ inquiries and how he contextualized the learners’ experiences into the lessons. In the same way, Engr. Bajuyo talked about being able to make short videos using Kinemaster application and that one does not have to be an expert in the field to be able to make one video. Professor Cagampang emphasized the usefulness and convenience of using Jupyter Notebook in teaching programming and Mr. Cagurin shared how FUN can engage students in his sessions. 

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