The Bachelor of Technology in Horticulture Management (BTHM) is a four-year technology course aimed at molding and preparing students to become professionals, technologist and entrepreneurs, specializing in horticultural crops such as fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and industrial and plantation crops. It prepares graduates to be equipped with the basic concepts, principles and applications of horticultural crops production.

In the Philippines, most agricultural establishments have been engaging in horticultural activities like nursery management of horticultural crops; growing of fruits, vegetables, ornamental plantation and industrial crops; environmental horticulture; and many others.

Thus, the offering of the BTHM course would answer the need of small and large-scale farmers, horticulturists, hobbyists, landscapers, floral arrangers, plant propagators and commercial growers in the locality, the nearby communities, the region and the country in general.


The offering of the course was conceived based on the following objectives:

  1. To develop students with necessary skills in performing horticulture-related activities;
  2. To equip graduates with knowledge and skills necessary in engaging in agricultural entrepreneurship;

To produce graduates possessed with technical skills and capabilities in conducting technology based innovations, researches and extension work.


  • Recipient of Agro-studies training in Israel and soon
  • in the USA and Australia
  • Recipient of various scholarships for agricultural courses (SCHOLARSHIP/GRANT-IN-AID,
  • Institutionally and Externally Funded)

Graduates can be self-employed as entrepreneurs of employed in private firms, government agencies, people’s organizations, non-government organizations, research firms and many other related establishments here in Philippines and abroad. Horticulture offers a wide array of opportunities for individuals who are knowledge and skillful in this field. They could either be:

  • Commercial growers
  • Project managers
  • Academicians/Teacher
  • Plant breeders
  • Plant propagators
  • Landscapers
  • Horticulture journalist project managers
  • Consultants in horticulture
  • Community organizer
  • Food Processor
  • Research Workers
  • Extension Workers
  • Floral arranger
  • Bank and Finance

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