Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

About the Program

It is a degree program that involves the application of science, technology, and engineering principles to improve the environment to provide healthy water, air, and land for human habitation and for remediate other organisms, and to ¬†¬†polluted, sites to attain sustainable development. It is a profession that covers planning, designing, supervising, modifying or improving pollution control facilities and environmental management structures; conducting environmental impact assessment of proposed construction projects as well as environmental monitoring and investigation; preparing technical environmental reports (engineer’s reports); and developing, implementing, and improving engineered means to protect, enhance or reclaim resources and the environment

Competencies students expected to attain

  • 4 years (no longer 5 years) degree program
  • Free tuition and other fees
  • High standard program (going to level 4 AACCUP Accreditation)
  • Established industry-academe linkages
  • Handled by top-caliber instructor/professors
  • High employability rate of graduates
  • Environmental engineers are in demand
  • Opportunity of landing top positions in work
  • Opportunity of getting scholarship for masteral and doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering
  • Offered in USTP Claveria conducive for learning owning to its cool and friendly environment; and level 4 in SUC leveling Accrediting Agency of chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines

Career Opportunities:

Graduates are highly paid professionals working abroad and in the country in many multinational companies such as:

  • Pollution Control Officer
  • Environmental specialist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Safety officer
  • ELA prepares, and other related jobs in the field of environmental engineers

Program Curriculum

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