Salient Features

Proposal Management

Allows secretaries to route proposals created by members.

Access Management

Allows management of multi-level user accounts.

Minutes Encoding

Provides user-friendly encoding of minutes.

Meeting Feeds

Allows members to easily view upcoming meetings

Paperless Transaction

Notifies attendees, automates key processes in a meeting and generates  minutes of the meeting and secretary’s certificate


Meeting ER is a web-based meeting management system that captures the details of meetings conducted by various groups and councils in the university to include the Board of Regents, Executive Committee, Administrative Council, Administrative Committee, Academic Council, and any groups. The system enables secretaries to create and manage meetings through its minute’s builder, agenda, and resolutions and among others. Minutes and resolutions can be shared by the members of the group right after each meeting through a notification and feedback system. Its built-in resolutions and document management feature allow easy retrieval of resolutions and its associated documents.
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