Bachelor of Science in Technology Communication Management

About the Program

Bachelor of Science in Technology Communication Management (BS-TCM) is a hybrid program integrating courses in mass communication, information technology and computing. It facilitates students in acquiring and enhancing relevant knowledge and skills to achieve an effective communication and management of technology. It is a curriculum for future managers who are acquainted with creative and innovative processes as well as the use of technological tools that are currently available in all of communication across the globe. 

Program Outcomes

Upon completion Of the BS TCM program, graduates are able to:

a. Apply knowledge of TCM in solving TCM-related problems through critical and creative thinking

b. Apply the fundamental principles of technology communication management to promote high-level productivity

c. Analyze identified communication gaps or issues and address such challenges by providing communication-related initiatives

d. Innovate creative audio-visual materials such as films, music, multimedia works, advertisements, among others, intended for academic, and commercial utilization

e. Design a science and technology communication plan using communication technology

f. Select, adapt and apply appropriate techniques, resources, skills, and modern communication technology tools to complex multimedia and management activities, with an understanding of the limitations

g. Communicate effectively in both Oral and in written form by being able to deliver and to comprehend instructions clearly; and present persuasively to diverse audience in both formal and informal communication contexts which are relevant ideas and perspectives. 

Career Opportunities

Public Relation

Technical Writer

Communication Manager

Marketing and Corporate Communication Manager

Media Analyst

Digital Media


Administrative Assistant
Information Managers

Film and Video Editors

Program Curriculum