know where you want to be

Exploring your options

early in your college career gives you time to discover and experience many opportunities, but it is up to you how much time and effort you invest.

speak with career advisor

Whether you are a lower-division student, graduating, or an advanced degree candidate, you will likely be faced with a number of career choices over your lifetime. Some career choices you may face include:

  • What occupations relate to my major?
  • How can I market my skills to employers?
  • How can I find a job related to my field of study?
  • Should I seek employment with my current degree or continue on for

know how to make decisions

Striking a balance between your opinions and those of other people is important in making good career decisions. Relying solely on others or facts in books to decide will probably lead to an unsatisfying outcome. Likewise, ignoring all advance from others might not turn out so well either. If you procrastinate, start but can’t follow through, or are easily overwhelmed by options, a career advisor can help you develop decision-making skills.