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Realizing Career Goals

The USTP Career Center guides the students in identifying career opportunities that will match with their skills, interests, personality and values leading to meaningful and purposeful contribution to the global industry. 

Personality Development Program

Personality Development Program

The Personality Development Program aims to provide advising and coaching sessions to the students who are looking for thorough guidance and support in the career-related queries and concerns.

Job Search Program

The Job Search Program targets to help the students and alumni in their job hunt thru engaging online platforms and by organizing recruitment activities in partnership with our placement industries.

The Professional Development Program focuses in organizing modular lectures and seminars to help students in their preparation and readiness for the world of work.

Professional Development Program

The Employer Relations program intents to strengthen the university’s affiliation with the different industries in terms of giving support in their talent acquisition initiatives and coordinating forums to spearhead collaboration between the academe and industry sectors.

Employer Relations

Informational Resources

The Informational Resources serve as a guide for the students and external partners to know more about the Career Center and Industrial Relations Office

Alumni Networking

The Alumni Networking program focuses in delivering effective data and timely services in relation to our dear alumni to address career-related concerns.

The Career Center is directly involved in instruction and research to support this mission. Although administratively located in Research and Innovation, Career Center interventions impact virtually every facet of University life, including new student recruitment, employer/community relations, research, and alumni affairs.