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The USTP Career Center and Industry Relations Office is a unit that supports the university’s vision of providing the vital link between education and the economy by empowering our students and alumni trailblazers to discover and embrace career opportunities that align effectively with their unique skills, interests, personality, and values, leading to purposeful and meaningful contributions to the needs of the ever-dynamic global industry.


Our mission is to provide holistic and innovative career development services and programs that are value-adding and timely. We design a dynamic environment where students and alumni are empowered to design their career pathway and leverage their potential bridging the gap between academe and industry. Through strategic partnerships with our industry partners, we make an efficient channel of exchange of knowledge ensuring our academic programs and graduates are equipped to address the evolving demands of the global industry, cultivating a community of lifelong learners and trailblazers who thrive in the face of challenges and drive progress in the world.

Trailblazer Career Services

The Trailblazer Career Services are tailored to the unique needs of student trailblazers, offering an innovative array of services and programs. Designed to assist in crafting personalized career pathways, these services and resources facilitate informed career planning, strategic decision-making, and effective goal-setting. Our commitment is to equip students with the essential skills and insights needed to thrive in the ever-evolving world of work.

Elevate your organization’s potential with our Career Center’s Industry Relations Services. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to strategic collaboration with industry leaders, ensuring that our academic offerings and graduates are perfectly aligned with the dynamic needs of the market. Our Career Center is not just a bridge but a powerful conduit for talent sourcing and recruitment, connecting you with a talent pool of skilled students and alumni ready to excel in your organization.We guarantee that our graduates possess the contemporary knowledge and skills necessary to make a tangible impact in their roles.

Industry Relations Services

Alumni Career Services

Unlock your potential with our Alumni Career Services at the Career Center, where our commitment to your success knows no bounds. From the moment you graduate, embark on a journey of continuous growth and lifelong learning with unlimited access to career resources, job placement services, and exclusive networking events designed to propel your career forward and for you to give back to our student trailblazers with your seasoned career wisdom. Celebrate with us as we highlight the extraordinary success stories of our alumni, illuminating their profound impacts and contributions across various fields. These stories not only inspire our current students but also reinforce the enduring bond between the university and its esteemed graduates. Step into a world of endless opportunities and be a part of our thriving community, where your achievements are celebrated, and your career journey is supported every step of the way.

Danica Tacbas Alumna, BS in Electronics Engineering, Batch 2016

We live in a very competitive world. I think that opportunity is favored by those who are prepared. We have to be prepared for them to leave. We have to be prepared socially, mentally and most of all, spiritually for those preparations. Career Center can be a good partner for us to jumpstart our career.

Joefil Solis Alumnus, BS in Electronic Engineering, Batch 2019

I can think of two important lessons that Career Center has taught me. First, to be confident in yourself and to believe in yourself and all the capabilities that you have.

Dale A. Ebcas Alumnus, Elementary Education, Major in SpEd, Batch 2018

I am thankful to the Career Center for allowing me to realize these values, that is, to persevere and to be grateful for these values molded me to become a better teacher here in the United States.

Thor Turrecha Almunus, BS in Information Technology, Batch 2006

There's a lot that the career center is providing, but specifically I would say that helped a lot. What helped me a lot is about the personal development side of things. Now, as an entrepreneur, my job is to make sure I empower other people and find a way and how I can create an environment for my team to find a better version of themselves.



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