The Strategic Communication Office (STRATCOMM) is the communication arm of the university. The University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) maintains STRATCOMM to ensure effective communication across the system. The Office is responsible for disseminating important information to USTP students, faculty, staff, and researchers. It also handles the content for the university’s official website, social media platforms, and cable channel.

USTP Branding Manual

The USTP Branding Manual will serve as a reference on how the USTP Brand should be presented within the institution and to its stakeholders. It shall provide the USTP System with standards and specifications concerning the messaging, graphics, and overall branding for when publishing printed, digital, and virtual materials.

Through these guidelines, the Strategic Communication Office (STRATCOMM) of the USTP System can ensure consistency across all products and materials (e.g., educational, promotional, commercial, etc.) produced by the university’s respective campuses and S&T parks.

Volume 1 of this Manual focuses on how the university’s visual identity should be upheld in print and other applications as the following pages show.

This Manual also promotes the USTP System by allowing a better understanding of the institution’s identity as a Science and Technology University.

The university continues to explore other branding strategies that will develop and strengthen its identity as an S&T university providing the vital link between education and the economy.


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