Welcome to the Strategic Communication Office of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines! Our team is composed of dedicated professionals who play a crucial role in shaping and promoting the university’s image and communication strategies.

STRATCOMM Director - Anne Lorraine R. Sitoy

Anne Lorraine R. Sitoy


STRATCOMM’s visionary director, Ma’am Jen, leads the team to new heights of success. With an impeccable blend of charisma and expertise, she inspires the team to achieve greatness, creating an environment where innovation and collaboration thrive.

Email: [email protected]

STRATCOMM Head of Communication - Jomerl I. Gomez

Jomerl I. Gomez

Head of Communication

JM, the Head of Communication, is a multi-talented individual who can belt out tunes with the best of them and craft prose that will make your heart sing. With sharp wits and a serious approach to his work, JM is the perfect balance between laughter and focus. Whether he’s writing or singing, JM is sure to delight and impress.

Email: [email protected]

STRATCOMM Head of Media Production - Diane Therese C. Esmade

Diane Therese C. Esmade

Head of Media Production

The mastermind behind media production and a wordsmith extraordinaire! When she’s not busy crafting compelling content, you can find her at any local coffee shop around the city—or you probably won’t, because she’d rather stay indoors!

Email: [email protected]

STRATCOMM Senior Graphic Artist - Reynann G. Ybañez

Reynann G. Ybañez

Senior Graphic Artist

Master Ren is a graphic artist extraordinaire who can whip up stunning designs on Adobe Suite with ease. But don’t let his professional demeanor fool you—he’s also known to shred it up on his guitar as a former band member and lead guitarist. With Master Ren, you get both creativity and musical talent in one package.

Email: [email protected]

STRATCOMM Video Editor - Ren Nilou S. Dahilan

Ren Nilou S. Dahilan

Video Editor

A graduate of USTP, Ren has shared his video editing talent and skills with the team, providing fresh ideas for project after project. He uses his free time to play with his Nintendo Switch and put on his favorite game, Just Dance!

Email: [email protected]

STRATCOMM Video Editor - Maria Kelsey Shane I. Cabaraban

Maria Kelsey Shane I. Cabaraban

Video Editor

The rhythm game fan who loves to tap away the notes on a chart! As a video editor, Kelsey has a roomful of creative ideas that make her videos entertaining and youthful. Often, you’ll find her with a camera on hand, ready to snap footage of any event or happening.

Email: [email protected]

STRATCOMM Office Research Assistant - Kristine Jane M. Laid

Kristine Jane M. Laid

Office/Research Assistant

Kristine plays a vital support role, contributing to the smooth operation of communication strategies of the office. She handles administrative tasks, conducts research, and ensures the efficient execution of initiatives, aiding in the STRATCOMM’s mission to elevate the university’s profile.

Email: [email protected]

STRATCOMM Campus Focals

Meet our STRATCOMM Campus Focal Persons! These dedicated members of our Strategic Communication Office help ensure seamless communication strategies tailored to each major and satellite campus of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines. From coordinating events to amplifying achievements, our Core Focal Persons play a pivotal role in showcasing our diverse academic community to its stakeholders.

STRATCOMM Campus Focal Person - Jundy V. Intao (USTP Alubijid - Main Campus)

Jundy V. Intao

USTP Alubijid - Main Campus
STRATCOMM Campus Focal Person - Gaia Marie D. Moncada (USTP Balubal)

Gaia Marie D. Moncada

USTP Balubal
STRATCOMM Campus Focal Person - Ma. Gladys G. Abian (USTP Cagayan de Oro)

Ma. Gladys G. Abian

USTP Cagayan de Oro

Aire Jade L. Taga

USTP Claveria
STRATCOMM Campus Focal Person - Greg C. Pegarro (USTP Jasaan)

Greg C. Pegarro

USTP Jasaan
STRATCOMM Campus Focal Person - Nadeth M. Leopoldo (USTP Oroquieta)

Nadeth R. Leopoldo

USTP Oroquieta

Christopher R. Balaba

USTP Panaon
STRATCOMM Campus Focal Person - Maria Farina V. Roa (USTP Villanueva)

Maria Farina V. Roa

USTP Villanueva