CCIR launched its first webinar under the Career Enrichment Program for Alumni Trailblazers

A new initiative at USTP is currently in the works that aims to get Alumni Trailblazers thinking about giving back to their Alma Mater whether as an act of gratitude for the formative opportunities and relationships they gained in the university, or a way to honor an individual (and his contribution), or as a means of becoming active members of the society.

This alumni engagement aligns with USTP Vision 2030 Strategic goals on Accelerate to support the goal in becoming a highly sustainable S&T University fostering long-term economic growth. Further, this initiative also backs up the university’s mission in linking Instruction, Research, and Extension and with areas highlighted in the University’s recent strategic goals all while addressing emerging challenges brought about by the pandemic.

The Alumni Gift Fund is set to run in the first half of 2022 with multiple easy ways of making a difference.  For further information regarding the policies and procedures, you may contact the Alumni Relations Team who would be happy to help you by emailing [email protected].

Gifts of all sizes and kinds are important in furthering the mission of the University. Whether being passionate about helping students make a difference or want to contribute in another area in the university — such as in research, the arts, sports or career opportunities — there are so many ways to make a lasting impact at USTP.