conquer your future

Graduation is just around the corner, and it’s time to look ahead! Are you off to graduate school? Do you plan to search for full-time employment? No matter your choice, it’s important to start deciding early so you can find a school or employer that fits. It’s time to start your transition into the world beyond USTP.

search for full-time work

The job market for graduates has varied in recent years, and the long-term outlook is difficult to predict…

use proper etiquette

Good business etiquette is essential at every phase in your career. Keep this advice in mind to make a great impression during the interview process, in the workplace, and as you advance in your field. 

go to graduate school

Why go to graduate school? Read here for some common reasons to attend graduate school.

negotiate job offers

Once you have received a job offer, you have more “power” than at any other time in the interviewing process. Aside form the main goal of making the right decision, much can be gained or lost from the way you negotiate your offer.

prepare for your second interview

The Second Interview is the chance for you and your potential employer to determine how you will fit in the organization. Read on for tips to ensure that you put your best foot forward!