University Vision

A nationally-recognized S&T University providing the vital link between education and the economy

The University Mission

Bring the world of work (industry) into the actual higher education and training of students
Offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to maximize their business potentials through a gamut of services from product conceptualization to commercialization;
Contribute significantly to the National Development Goals of food security and safety; and energy sufficiency and security through technology solutions.

Articulation of Mandate

The USTP exists to contribute to the economic and social development of the country through human capital formation and knowledge generation and application by:

Providing advanced education and training in critical areas in science, technology, engineering, agriculture, and mathematics, and establish centers of excellence in these areas in order to strengthen the university’s sphere of influence;
Conducting basic, applied, and advanced research in various fields of specialization;
Creating a seamless environment for research and teaching, as well as experiential learning for the students and faculty with the Involvement of the business and industry thereby eliminating skills mismatch of graduates;
Providing timely and relevant technological solutions to pressing industrial and societal problems with the involvement of faculty and students;
Assisting in the development of technopreneurial undertakings to propel economic enterprises at the grassroots level;
Leading the establishment and creation of new Science and Technology rooted in the practical solutions to global problems.