Bachelor of Science in Technology Communication Management


Bachelor of Science in Technology Communication Management (BS – TCM) is a hybrid program integrating courses in mass communications, information technology and computing.
It facilitates students in acquiring and enhancing relevant knowledge and skills to achieve an effective communication and management of technology. It is a curriculum for future managers who are acquainted with creative and innovative processes as well as the use of technological tools that are currently available in all contexts of communications across the globe.
Ultimately, the program prepares the students for real-world employment, research, and entrepreneurship arming them with the required communication competence. As part of the learning experience, they will be exposed to various activities which allow them to develop their conceptual and technical skills and make them confident and respectable in every endeavor they are engaged. In that way, they become well rounded individuals who can work independently, and/or collaboratively with information technology and computing experts to achieve optimum quality of work, precision, and purposeful utilization of relevant products and services. To keep themselves abreast with the latest trends and best practices, they link with the local and foreign academic institutions, organizations, and industries that are readily available for any academic venture.
Over and above, the current job market needs competent graduates of technology communication management. Given the excellent education and training inventors that the department provides, the graduates land high end careers in multi-media and other sophisticated media technology.

Program outcomes

  • Apply knowledge of TCM in solving TCM-related problems through critical creative thinking.
  • Apply the fundamental principle of technology communication management to promote high level productivity.
  • Analyzed identified communication gaps or issues and address such challenges by providing communication-related initiatives.
  • Innovate creative audio-visual materials such as films, music, multimedia works, advertisements, among others, intended for academic, and commercial utilization.
  • Design a science and technology communication plans using communication technology.
  • Select, adapt, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, skills, and modern communication technology to complex multimedia and management activities, with an understanding of the limitations.
  • Communicate effectively in both oral and in written form by being able to deliver and comprehend instructions clearly; and present persuasively to diverse audience in both formal and informal communications contexts which are relevant ideas and perspectives.
  • Assist in the creation of an effective project plan for organizing (different) events and take the role of an effective event organizer.
  • Function effectively as individual or work collaboratively and respectfully as a member or leader in diverse development teams and in multi-disciplinary settings.
  • Perform tasks related to communication and management using their polished communication competence while working with people from other disciplines.
  • Demonstrate accountability as media consumer and producer.
  • Observe ethical, legal practices in the discharge of their functions across careers.
  • Grow professionally in their careers through continued development of their technical, management, communication skills and knowledge base.
  • Participate in generation of new knowledge or in research and development projects aligned to local and national development agenda or goals with the end of contributing to the local and national economy.
  • Develop a deeply rooted cultural sensitivity through culture and the arts in the TCM traditions.
  • Preserve and promote Filipino historical and cultural heritage.
  • •Advertising
    •Public Relations
    •News Media
    •Call Center Management
    •Call Center Agents
    •Information Analyst
    •Tourism Industry
    •Community Development
    •Publishing and Editing
    •Health Services
    •Arts Management and Administration
    •Information Technology Industry
    •Copy Writing
    •Training Providers


Bernadette E. Calvo
Greg C. Pegarro
Fely P. Piscos
For further inquiries, please get in touch with:

Chairman, BSTCM
University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines – Jasaan
Upper Jasaan, Jasaan Misamis Oriental
[email protected]