Power Institute (PI)

The Power Institute is working to bridge the divide across scientific, engineering, business and public policy arenas, bringing the experts together to find solutions to complex energy problems across the globe. By leveraging the USTPs’ tools and resources, PI is able to integrate, enhance and collaborate in a wide variety of energy-related fields via key centers and partner. The institute strengthens the utilization of research, extension, innovation and training programs for economic development. It aspire to conduct activities on the following aspects:

  • Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) Trading Workshop for Utilities
  • Solar Energy Engineering Workshop for Practicing Professionals
  • Power Systems Analysis Seminar Workshops for Technical Engineers
  • Power Electronics for Improved Power System Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy Assessment and Mapping for Alternative Power Source
  • IT, IOT AND COMMUNICATIONS Training and Workshops
  • Power System Economics for the Design of Markets for Electricity
  • Legal, Management and Other Power Industry Issues
  • SMART Grid Technology Seminars and Workshops