Precision Agriculture/Smart Farming Center

Precision Agriculture/Smart Farming Center (PASFC) will serve as a focal point in the Philippines, specifically Mindanao, in bringing about farming and agricultural innovations utilizing geospatial- and ICT-based R&D ecosystem (collectively known as Agriculture 4.0) as a framework. It envisions to bring farming and agricultural innovations to Philippine Agriculture by developing methodologies that enhance farming practices and optimize utilization of resources through geospatial- and ICTbased technologies. Specifically, the proposed PASF Center will have the following objectives:

  • Develop methodologies to create a spatial and temporal database of existing agricultural commodities;
  • Develop relevant methodologies to document optimum yield and affective factors at the farm level;
  • Develop knowledge products to capacitate farmers to optimize the impact of production resources on yield;
  • Acquire/adapt/fabricate/conceptualize needed equipment and sensors to collect data necessary for the development of precision agriculture/smart farming-based knowledge products