USTP, Kenjimin Japanese Training Center Inc.: Empowering Autotronics Students for Japan's Automotive Industry

By Kristine Jane M. Laid, USTP System STRATCOMM

The Kenjimin Japanese Training Center Inc. and the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) have entered into a strategic partnership, formalized by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the USTP Boardroom, Cagayan de Oro City on June 14, 2024. This collaboration is designed to provide job opportunities and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources, particularly for graduating autotronics students, with a focus on preparing them for careers in Japan’s automotive industry.

Lorebelle Z. Tagalogon, President of Kenjimin Japanese Training Center Inc., highlighted the advantages and benefits of the partnership with the University, particularly the opportunity for students to pursue careers in Japan.

USTP  Vice President for Research and Innovation Dr. Consorcio S. Namoco Jr., representing USTP System President Dr. Ambrosio B. Cultura II, was in attendance. Also present were the Dean of the College of Technology, Dr. Ruvel J. Cuasito Sr., and the Coordinator for International Affairs of the College of Technology, Engr. Helen Grace B. Gonzales.

The agreement specifies that select Batch 2 students will undergo 3-4 months of training, which includes learning the Japanese language, familiarizing themselves with equipment and materials, and gaining experience in the work environment. Following this training period, students will also undergo interviews to work in automotive companies in Japan.

Mr. Joe Vane Antifuesto, Chairperson of the Autotronics Department of the College of Technology of USTP Cagayan de Oro, shared that the partnership’s effectiveness is demonstrated by the remarkable 90% success rate of Batch 1 students who completed their training and secured employment in Japan. Currently, the Batch 1 students are in the process of completing their documents.