Salient Features

Online Application Management

Offers an online submission of application for the accreditation. The system provides online scheduling of accreditation with real time notification to SUC applicants and application confirmation of accreditation notification via email and SMS.

SUC Portal

Provides SUC module which allows user individuals to apply and submit an online application for accreditation. It also allows the user individual to upload and update documents.

Accreditor Portal

Provides an accreditor module which allows individual accreditors to respond to the invitation to be an accreditor for the accreditation and create evaluation remarks for the assigned area.


Generates real-time report of all accredited and programs accredited. Provides real-time monitoring for SUCs of the status of the programs applied.

Accreditation Online Management System

Accreditation Online Management System will provide ICT-enabled solutions to automate accreditation of programs from application, evaluation, validation to certification of accreditation programs.
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