TCM is a four-year program that combines the disciplines of technopreneurship, multimedia communication and communication management. TCM is a training ground for students who are communication managers that are adept with technology (soft and hard) and who aspire to become competent and effective in the field of communication and management while keeping up with the innovations and technology advancement. This course paves the way for students to excel and propel them to foster digital literacy as they face the real world head-on. TCM graduates may find themselves working in one of these industries: business, media and advertising, tourism, bank, and many more.

Upon graduating in the program, the students shall be able to:
a. Apply the fundamental principles of technology communication management to promote high-level productivity;
b. Perform certain tasks related to communication and management using their polished communication competence while working with people from other disciplines;
c. Innovate creative audio-visual materials such as films, music, multimedia works, advertisements, among others, intended for academic, and commercial utilization;
d. Facilitate effective communication in both formal and informal contexts;
e. Demonstrate ethics in the discharge of their functions across careers;
f. Demonstrate accountability as media consumer and producer;
g. Grow professionally in their careers through continued development of their technical, management, and communication skills and knowledge base;
h. Spearhead communication-related initiatives.

Bachelor of Science in Technology Communication Management (BS-TCM). The new TCM curriculum envisions its graduates to be Technopreneurs, Multimedia Communicators, and Communication Managers:

Creating new products and services that have a positive impact on society is what Technopreneurs do by merging technology prowess with entrepreneurial talent and skills.  

Careers for Multimedia Communicators vary widely – from web designing, film and video editing, animating, to being a multimedia journalist who creates content for social media and brands.  

Messages both in internal and external communication of a company have to be consistent and engaging. A TCM graduate, as a communication manager or director, can take care of that.