Center for Advanced Plant Science and Phytotechnologies

The Center for Advanced Plant Science and Phytotechnologies shall be the university’s research arm dedicated to develop technologies, making discovery and seeking to understand the plants biological design to feed the people, improve the health and rehabilitate the environment. It seeks to improve the quality of life of the people in the society by fostering product and technology development. The center for advanced plant science and phytotechnologies:

  • a. Engages faculty and students in different disciplines/programs from different campuses of USTP to carry out basic and applied research involving plants, to produce knowledge and develop products and technologies to improve the quality of life,
  • b. Build industry partners and linkages to continually support and generate funds for the scientific quest of the center members,
  • c. Provides leadership in: phytotechnologies; plant diversity, ecology, systematics; phenomics; Plant anatomy and physiology; plant nutrition and pharming; plant propagation including cell and tissue culture; ethnobotany; and plant product development.