Center for Agricultural and Biosystems Technology (Cabtech)

CABTech seeks to promote bioresource technology and sustainability for countryside development, particularly in Northern Mindanao. It applies to both rural and urban agriculture including soil and water resources development and utilization, irrigation and drainage technology, development of postharvest tools, equipment and machinery. This will also caters the field of aquaculture engineering, biological and bio-systems engineering as embodied in the Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization and the Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering law . Specifically, CABTech aims to:

  • Enhance research and training competencies on Agriculture and Biosystems Technology.
  • Implement and improve green technologies and clean development mechanisms such as but not limited to organic agriculture, crop processing for bioethanol and biodiesel production, irrigation systems, soil and water conservation, postharvest technology and the likes
  • Develop and apply appropriate technologies on agriculture and bioresources in collaboration with funding agencies,
  • Design and fabricate cost-effective and environmentally-safe tools, equipment and machineries for agriculture and fishery industries.