Center for Biomass Energy

The Center for Biomass Energy is developing sustainable solutions for our future. It is working to bridge the divide across scientific, engineering, industry and bringing the experts that will focus on renewable energy technologies, especially biomass and the rational use of energy and efficiency. The Center will also serve as a platform for the researchers to work with it peers and offer solutions to industries/companies through innovative researches in the field of biomass energy. Furthermore, a total of two (2) ongoing funded research proposal has submitted to the university research office, as well as to the DOST PCIEERD through Collaborative Research and Development to Leverage Philippine Economy (CRADLE) with Carbon Cycle Processing Incorporated. Likewise, the Center for Biomass Energy focuses on three key systems:

  • Biological (Bio-Methane) Energy Production,
  • Thermal (Bio-diesel) and Chemical (Bio-Hydrogen) Energy Production,
  • Decarbonization of industrial and municipal processes and facilities, and innovative technologies and solutions for the environment.