Center for Dairy Research and Innovation

The center will focus on research and innovations concerning forage and pasture development, dairy nutrition and feeding, health and disease management, smart agriculture and production systems. It will provide researchers, faculty, students, industry and producers with a broad-based platform for research, teaching and extension activities. It will promote new research links and synergies across the commercial supply chain. The center will lead in developing research, teaching and technology transfer programs that provide the dairy and forage industries with new tools and techniques for healthy, sustainable and efficient production. CDRI’s main emphasis is dairy cattle production. The center will serve as the heart of USTP Dairy farm, the dairy farmers in the region, the faculty and the agriculture students harnessing their skills in doing research. The center will:

  • Provide research-based information on dairying to serve as basis for decision-making of farmers, managers and stakeholders in achieving food security (SDG 1) and economic growth (SDG 8);
  • Provide a vital link between industry and academe in addressing innovations (SDG 9), responsible consumption and production (SDG 12); and
  • Serve as catalyst in partnership goals (SDG 17) for sustainable communities and cities (SDG 11).