Dr. Alen Horvat: Bridging Expertise and Innovation at USTP

By Lea May N. Caburatan, USTP System STRATCOMM

The University of Science and Technology of the Philippines (USTP) is honored to welcome Dr. Alen Horvat, a distinguished visiting professor from the University Carlos III in Madrid, Spain. Dr. Horvat’s expertise spans renewable energy, waste management, and food science, making his visit a valuable opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

In his opening address, USTP System President Dr. Ambrosio Cultura II thanked Dr. Horvat for accepting the invitation. The Office of the Vice President for Global Engagements and Quality Assurance and the International Affairs Office worked diligently to facilitate this collaboration, emphasizing USTP’s commitment to academic excellence and digitalization.

Areas of Expertise and Teaching Engagement

Dr. Horvat’s research interests include biofluids, food technology, and agriculture. His work in bioplastics and microbiology aligns with ongoing research at USTP. Dr. Horvat aims to enhance innovation and education within the university by sharing his expertise.

He will also actively engage with students and faculty during his three-month stay. His teaching responsibilities include undergraduate courses in environmental programs, particularly food technology, in USTP Claveria and Cagayan de Oro Campus. Additionally, he will collaborate with the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) on sustainability initiatives related to energy. 

Internationalization Beyond Borders

Dr. Alen Horvat’s visit promises to be a transformative experience for USTP, fostering innovation, cross-cultural understanding, and academic growth. His presence will encourage students and faculty to explore new horizons and foster cross-disciplinary learning.

His presence at USTP exemplifies the university’s commitment to global engagement and knowledge sharing. His expertise will undoubtedly enrich the academic community and contribute to sustainable development.