Faculty Statistics

As of July 4, 2022, the USTP System is powered by 1,594 personnel across the system and its eight campuses. This comprises personnel under the following categories: 588 job order personnel, 513 regular (teaching and non-teaching) personnel, 315 part-time faculty, 160 contract-of-service (COS) personnel, and 18 casual personnel.

The USTP System’s teaching force is comprised of 434 regular teaching personnel. 73 (20%) have doctorate degrees, and 275 (63%) have master’s degrees. Meanwhile, the remaining 86 (17%) are finishing their master’s degrees.

USTP has a total of 41 faculty members (34 doctorates, 7 masters) actively participating in the university’s Faculty Development Program, allowing them to enroll in further studies at reputable international and local universities.