Institute for Material Science and Nanotechnology

One pillar in the overall framework of the Philippine Development Plan 2017- 2022 is increasing the growth potential through vigorously advancing the science, technology, and innovation (STI) in the country. The main strategies include the strengthening of tripartite collaboration among the government, the academe, and the industry. As a higher education institution situated at the so-called, “the industrial hub of Mindanao”, USTP-CDO offers an advantage of promoting this collaboration through conducting multidisciplinary research. To ensure that the university is serving its purpose to the continued national sustainable growth and development, adopting recent advances in basic and applied research trends across the many disciplines is vital. The objectives of the proposed Institute for Material Science and Nanotechnology (IMSN) are the following:

  • To support new and cutting-edge innovation in material science and nanotechnology through research collaborations and educational opportunities.
  • To foster scientific and technological solutions to many industries such as in electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, and sustainable technologies.
  • To establish a strong R&D ecosystem in close relation with the external partners (private industries and government sectors) which can contribute to the sustainable national economic growth and development.