Mindanao Institute for Water Research

The Mindanao Institute for Water Research is an academe-based research institution, the major focus of which is the preservation of Mindanao’s water resources. Mindanao has long traditions in utilizing its freshwater resources provided by both surface waters and groundwater’s. The management of these water resources should therefore be comprehensive and science and ecosystems-based. To do this, will provide a leading role in the following endeavors:

  • Conduct and support research on emerging water issues and concerns
  • Establishment of a Mindanao-wide network of water experts, specialists, researchers, managers and decision and policy makers
  • Provides for the training and education of future pool of experts, scientists and engineers through research initiatives and outreach
  • Fosters technology transfer as well as the effective communication and application of water information using targeted and innovative approaches
  • Foster national and international research collaborations and partnerships in advancing knowledge and skills of local pool of water professionals
  • Promotes water literacy among the general public and policy makers