USTP Claveria Shines Bright: Empowering Women in the 2024 National Women's Month Celebration

By Engr. Justin C. Paday, ECRO/GAD Office Staff, and Dr. Nueva D. Salaan, USTP Claveria STRATCOMM

In a spectacle of unity and empowerment, the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines in Claveria, Misamis Oriental (USTP Claveria), hosted a grand celebration on March 24, 2024, marking the culmination of the 2024 National Women’s Month.

With the theme, “LIPUNANG PATAS SA BAGONG PILIPINAS: Kakayan ng Kababaihan, Patunayan!” the campus radiated with vibrant colors of empowerment as various offices including the Gender and Development (GAD) and the Extension and Community Relations Office, in seamless collaboration with the esteemed Human Resource and Management Office (HRMO), Office of Student Affairs (OSA), and the dedicated Health Services department, joined hands with the MOSCAT Cooperative. 

Dr. Lindy Lou M. Yamuta, Director of the Student Affairs Office at the USTP Claveria, delivered a compelling opening remark emphasizing the significance of Women’s Month in advocating for gender equality. Dr. Yamuta passionately articulated the need to dismantle barriers and foster opportunities for women, challenging participants to actively engage in the ongoing fight for gender equality both within the campus and beyond its borders, advancing Claveria towards a more inclusive and equitable future. 

Engr. Val Irvin F. Mabayo, who spoke on behalf of USTP Claveria Chancellor Dr. Renato O. Arazo, reaffirmed USTP’s commitment to gender equality and fostering an inclusive, equitable environment for all. 

Ms. Pamela Louis F. Marban, Guidance Counsellor III of USTP Claveria, led the discussions and workshops on Stress Management. At the same time, Ms. Jewel Jim M. Lomocso, an alumna of MOSCAT LHS, explained the path to Proper Nutrition for women at the right age. 

In the afternoon of the event, various services tailored for women were made available, such as relaxing massages, rejuvenating yoga exercises, and pampering manicures. These moments of self-care are a powerful reminder of the importance of nurturing one’s well-being in the pursuit of empowerment. 

As the event drew to a close, the atmosphere buzzed with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Attendees left with hearts full of gratitude and minds brimming with ideas for advancing gender equality on campus and beyond. 

The celebration of Women’s Month at USTP Claveria was not merely a symbolic gesture but a tangible demonstration of the institution’s commitment to fostering a culture of respect, inclusivity, and empowerment. Through collective action and advocacy, the campus community continues to pave the way toward a future where every individual, regardless of gender, has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.