USTP, DSTC to bolster robotics in the region

By Lea May N. Caburatan, USTP System STRATCOMM

Cagayan de Oro, Philippines – The University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) and Data Science and Technology Corporation (DSTC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on developing a robotics program in Northern Mindanao. This significant step aims to advance robotics education and encourage students to participate and excel in international competitions.

The MOU signing ceremony, held at the USTP Board Room on June 3, 2024, underscores the commitment of both institutions to nurturing future Filipino robotics experts. Vice President of DSTC, Melvin Matulac, shared his inspiration for establishing the Pinoy Robotics Game- National Robotics Competition (PRG-NRC). He envisioned Filipino students independently thriving in robotics, similar to his observations abroad in 2007. This initiative, which began with training students for international competitions, has grown significantly, with the Department of Education recognizing Mr. Matulac’s contribution by tapping him to develop the robotics and innovation curriculum.

“The aim of the program is not for excellent students but to make every student become excellent,” Mr. Matulac said. He added that the games will hone problem-solving skills and hope to use science and technology to improve their community. 

This collaboration between USTP and DSTC strengthens the Philippines’ robotics landscape by equipping students and professionals with the necessary skills to compete in the data-driven world. The MOU signing solidifies their dedication to fostering innovation within the Philippines.

Partnership for Robotics Advancement

The MOU establishes a framework for collaboration between PRG-NRC and USTP. PRG-NRC will design and oversee appropriate games and competitions for USTP under the National Robotics Competition banner. This includes project planning, training USTP personnel, and guiding the production of competition venues that meet established standards.

PRG-NRC will also provide training and project plans for referees, game officials, and USTP staff to ensure the successful implementation of the National Robotics Competition and other satellite events. Additionally, USTP gains access to a library of robot games published on the Pinoy Robot Games website and receives ten free slots for students to participate in PRG-NRC games.

Making Robotics Stay

USTP System President Dr. Ambrosio B. Cultura II suggested that with the partnership of DSTC, USTP, through the College of Technology (COT), can organize robotics summer programs just like what the university did for Mathematics. This will provide opportunities for more students to be exposed to robotics and bridge expectations before entering college.

Furthermore, USTP will also be at the forefront of the upcoming Robotics Competition on October 12, 2024.

The partnership adds to the university’s commitment to becoming a nationally renowned Science and Technology University in the country. Both parties look forward to making robotics a permanent feature in the education scene and eventually making Science and Technology a way of life.