USTP gears up for Research and Innovation Summit 2023

By Eric Vincent A. Dotarot, USTP System Strategic Communication Office

The University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) is gearing up for its upcoming Research and Innovation Summit, scheduled on October 10-11, 2023, at the Dr. Ricardo E. Rotoras (DRER) Memorial Hall, USTP Cagayan de Oro. This year’s 2-day summit, titled “Nexus of Sustainability: Democratizing Research-driven Innovations for Sustainable Futures,” promises an essential event for passionate innovators who advocate for sustainability.

USTP gears up for Research and Innovation Summit 2023

The primary objective of this Research and Innovation Summit is to bridge the gap between research and practical implementation in sustainability. It aims to democratize access to research-driven solutions, ensuring that advancements in sustainability are not confined to academic circles but are accessible and beneficial to all segments of society.

In a world facing numerous environmental challenges and rapidly evolving technologies, fostering collaboration and dialogue between different stakeholders has become increasingly crucial. The USTP Research and Innovation Summit will serve as a vital platform. It will bring together experts, scholars, professionals, and students from all across the globe to allow them  to exchange ideas and experiences.

By democratizing access to research-driven innovations, it strives to encourage individuals and organizations to make informed decisions that benefit our society. Sustainability is a necessity, not a luxury, and this summit will promote widespread acceptance.

The summit will feature diverse sessions, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and presentations. These sessions will cover a broad spectrum of topics related to sustainability and innovation, ranging from renewable energy and conservation to sustainable and transformative startup development.

One of the summit’s key outcomes is to promote collaboration. It will stimulate multidisciplinary approaches to solving sustainability concerns by bringing together professionals from other sectors. Teamwork is critical for developing holistic and practical solutions to the complex issues impacting our world today.

Moreover, the Summit will highlight the value of education and capacity-building. It will allow students and young researchers to speak about their innovations, learn from seasoned experts, and receive insights into the most recent advancements in sustainability and innovation.

The Nexus of Sustainability: Democratizing Research-Driven Innovations for Sustainable Futures is set to revolutionize the arena of sustainability. It envisions a future where research-driven solutions are available to everyone, leading to a more equitable and sustainable world. 

USTP invites all passionate innovators to join on October 10-11, 2023, and participate in this transformative journey towards advancing a sustainable future.