USTP implements Emergency Warning System

By Kristine Jane M. Laid, USTP STRATCOMM

As a proactive approach to emergencies, the Office of the System President of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) issued OP Memorandum No. 071, s.2024, implementing the USTP Emergency Warning System (EWS).

The USTP EWS is a framework designed to provide actionable information and instructions in times of emergency, composed of color-coded alert codes, status, and advisories.


Status: Extreme Full Emergency Conditions


  • Emergency conditions have seriously impaired or halted operations of the concerned campus.
  • Multiple casualties or severe property damage may be sustained.
  • Rainfall is more than 30 millimeter (mm) within one hour or rainfall has continued for the past three hours and is more than 65 mm. Serious flooding is seen.
  • Red rainfall advisory is issued by PAG-ASA.
  • Examples are intense and repeating earthquake, terroristic bombing, strong typhoon, and serious flooding.


Status: Severe Significant Emergency Conditions


  • Emergency causes significant damage or disrupts overall campus operations for an extended period.
  • Casualties or property damage may be sustained.
  • Rainfall is between 15 mm and 30mm within one hour. Flooding is a definite threat.
  • Orange rainfall advisory is issued by PAG-ASA.
  • Examples are damage due to strong typhoon, extensive flooding.


Status: Moderate Active Emergency Conditions


  • Emergency is not seriously affecting the overall functional capability of the campus.
  • Lesser or minor casualties or property damage may be sustained.
  • Rainfall is between 7.5 mm and 15mm within one hour and is likely to continue. Flooding may be possible in low lying areas.
  • Yellow rainfall advisory is issued by PAG-ASA.
  • Example is localized flooding.


Status: Normal Daily Operations


  • Monitoring of potential hazards is ongoing.
  • Normal operations are ongoing.

OP Memo No. 044, s. 2024 has reconstituted the Incident Management Team (IMT) of the USTP System Committee composed of the following:

  • Chairperson: Vice President for Administration and Legal Affairs – USTP System
  • Co-Chairperson: Director for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office – USTP System
  • Members: Chief of Security and Safety of each campus, Security and Safety Coordinator – USTP System, Incident Commander of each major campus
  • Secretariat: Director for Strategic Communication Office – USTP System

The reconstituted IMT of the USTP System is expected to employ mechanisms to ensure the implementation of the USTP Emergency Warning System. Whenever necessary, the IMT is expected to convene and assess emergencies with dispatch and utmost priority for the immediate issuance of proper advisory.

At all times, let’s be informed and stay safe, Trailblazers!