USTP Panaon students participate in design thinking training

By Beryl Rose U. Salaguste, SSC President, USTP Panaon

Beryl Rose U. Salaguste, a third-year BS Information Technology student, and Cherry Mae D. Martinez, a third-year BS Marine Biology student, both of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines in Panaon, Misamis Occidental (USTP Panaon), participated in the Design Thinking (DT) Training for the Learning Express (LeX) held at USTP Cagayan de Oro on February 23-24, 2024. The training was a vital preparatory step for implementing the LeX Program in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic. 

The students actively engaged in sessions focused on understanding the core principles of the LeX Program, practical implementation strategies, and the integration of design thinking. The training equipped the students with essential skills and knowledge, ensuring a successful and impactful execution of the LeX Program in their academic community.

The collaborative endeavor is essential in creating a network of empowered students ready to drive positive change. The shared experiences of the upcoming LeX Program training foster camaraderie and unity, laying the foundation for future cross-campus collaborations. The training sessions, enriched with insights from Singapore Polytechnic, provided a comprehensive understanding of the LeX Program and emphasized the significance of design thinking in problem-solving and creative ideation. 

The participation of students from USTP Panaon underscores a commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in education.