The library and Audio Visual Services is responsible in providing scholarly resources and references and academic services to the faculty and students of University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines.

The library is composed of four (6) units namely;

  1. Main Library
  2. Graduate library
  3. Electronic Library
  4. CEA Library
  5. COT Library
  6. CSM Library

The library Services provides linkages and materials; books, and E-books to aide academic learning of the USTP community. 

Audio Visual Rooms are also available in three (3) areas;

  1. ITB- AVR
  2. ITC-AVR and
  3. PAT-AVR.

Audio-Visual services functions as an avenue for the academic community to utilize and apply modern technology to support instruction


The Library System has the basic responsibility of providing the Library resources and services to the students and faculty of University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines. And in line with the mission statement of the institution in which the library organization is an integral part and as an intellectual resource of the academic community the following are the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the Library.


It is the mission of the Library to support the intellectual growth, moral and spiritual development and research needs of the students, faculty and staff through the provision of information resources, collaborative learning spaces and services that enhance their individual capacities and their yearn for learning.


The library is a dynamic sanctuary of intellectual discourse and refuge of learning through an integrated, seamless web of information and learning commons that promote growth, intellectual development, pursue inquiry and research.

Organizational Structure