Audio-Visual Materials

The purpose of the Audio/Visual Collection is to support the instruction and research needs of University faculty and students. The A/V collection includes audio compact discs, video disc, DVD and more formats.

Policies and Guidelines
  1. Audio-visual materials are for library and classroom instruction use only.
  2. Students may also avail of the audio-visual materials upon presenting a recommendation or note from their respective instructors to the library staff in-charge, subject to the approval of the Director of Library Services.
  3. The endorsing officer and the borrower assume full responsibility for whatever damage incurred during the use of the materials.
  4. The borrowers must leave their USTP I.D. upon borrowing and sign the card attached to the library materials.

All borrowed A/V materials must be returned immediately after use.


These rooms are used for small group discussions, group study sessions, and on/or to work on team projects.

How to reserve a room
  1. Fill out a Discussion Room Reservation Form at the concierge desk and present a valid USTP- ID.
  2. The key must be checked out by the person who made the reservation.
  3. Return the key to the concierge desk of the Readers Service Section when the time is up.
Policies and Guidelines
  1. Discussion rooms are available for reservation by bonafide members of the USTP- (i.e. currently enrolled student, faculty member, staff) for academic purposes only.
  2. Only groups with a minimum of ten members physically present at the specified reservation time shall be allowed to enter the room.
  3. A group is only allowed to reserve a room one at a time. A request for another session shall not be accepted if there is a standing request for the same date.
  4. Use of the rooms is limited to two (2) hours. The group may request for one-hour extension if there is no standing reservation for the next hour.
  5. Reservation is held for 15 minutes only. If the group fails to show up within the grace period, the reservation is cancelled.
  6. The rooms may be used until 6:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays.  Reservations are accepted until 5:00 pm only.
  7. The Library Staff are the only authorized person to open and close the discussion rooms and operate the air-conditioning units.


Research Clinic/Eclinic

This type of service provides opportunity to students on improving their research works resulting to a meaningful interaction with the resources in the library through assistance of the professional staffs.

Readers Advisory Services

The library provides area where titles of library resources are being showcased to develop student’s interest on reading.

Research Services

This library space is provided for students and faculty members to establish a formal area to meet with the Reader’s Services Librarian and address in-depth research questions.

Selective Dissemination of Information Services

USTP Library provides lists of available updates of resources that matched with the particular topic, subject or theme the faculty members require.

Bibliographic and Indexing Services

The Library promotes the library resources through repackaging of information in various formats such as: print copies of indices to available thesis and dissertations, periodical articles in various subjects, library pathfinders and webliographies.

Current Awareness Services

USTP Library creates a current-awareness service to inform its library users about the library’s new acquisitions. The library believes that it is vital for researchers and academics to keep up-to-date with the most recently published information and developments of their library through the Library Website.