DTLE marks 2nd Pinning Ceremony at USTP Panaon

By Mardie C. Comique & Luce Mae L. Dagandan, USTP Panaon Practice Teachers

“Academic Resilience in New Normal Education; Strengthening the Teacher in Me,” was the theme of the second and first-ever face-to-face Pinning Ceremony of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) in Panaon, Misamis Occidental. This was organized by the Department of Technology and Livelihood Education (DTLE) and led by the Practice Teacher Officers of Batch 2023 and the Future Educators’ Guild. The ceremony was held on March 28, 2023, at Alona’s Summer Breeze Resort Hotel, Dela Paz, Panaon, Misamis Occidental.

DTLE 2nd Pinning Picture
DTLE 2nd Pinning Picture

Two hundred sixty people graced the pinning ceremony, including the practice teachers with their parents and guardians. Also in attendance were Dr. Leny Q. Anasco, USTP Panaon Acting Campus Director; Mrs. Annielyn P. Lasagas, Head of Academic Affairs; Mr. Christopher R. Balaba, Practice Teaching Instructor; Ms. Mary Cris J. Gemoros; Head of Student Affairs and Services; and Mr. Jed Anthony A. Ceballos, BTLEd Instructor.

DTLE 2nd Pinning Picture
DTLE 2nd Pinning Picture

The blessing of the pins was conducted by Pastor Simeon Fontanilla Jr., who also led the community in prayer. Together with their parents and guardians, the practice teachers were formally welcomed by Mrs. Annielyn P. Lasagas.

DTLE 2nd Pinning Programme

As the guest speaker, Dr. Leny Q. Anasco inspired the practice teachers with her message and reminded them of the realities of teaching and the society in which they will soon operate. In addition, she inspired the practice teachers with her own experiences while she was still a student up until she arrived at her current position. Dr. Anasco’s entire address was centered on A-R-I-S-E (ARISE), which stands for Acquire knowledge, Remember your institution, Inspire others, Soar high, and Endure your suffering and embrace your tribulations.

DTLE 2nd Pinning Oath taking Picture
DTLE 2nd Pinning Oath taking Picture

The Pre-service Teacher’s Pledge was then led by Mr. Mardie C. Comique, Student Teacher President, after Ms. Luce Mae L. Dagandan, a practice teacher, accepted the pin. The practice teaching instructor, Mr. Christopher R. Balaba, outlined the meaning of the pin, stating that it denotes the student teacher’s development of character and competence required to engage in practice teaching and their readiness to be sent to partner educational institutions to complete their practicum.

The remarkable event ended with a message from Ms. Helyn Pacot, the Home Economics Representative, who said, “Layo pa ta, pero layo na ta,” that despite still being far from their goal, the practice teachers have already come a long way from where they started.

By 4:30 in the afternoon, the event came to a close with a song performed by the practice teachers in honor of their parents and guardians.

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