On Becoming a Culture and Arts Member

By Mark L. Arcilla, USTP Panaon Culture & Arts Office

The Culture and Arts Office of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) Panaon conducted a dance and make-up seminar/workshop last July 25, 2022, at the USTP Panaon Training Center.

Highly competent speakers were invited for the activity: the Chairperson of the Department of Technology and Livelihood Education (DTLE) of USTP Panaon, Ms. Mary Jane A. Moralia, and USTP Oroquieta Instructor, Mr. Mon Christian B. Doncillo. Ms. Moralia is a member of the Kagay-an Performing Arts, a former Culture and Arts Moderator, and a total performer herself. Mr. Doncillo is a cosplayer and make-up artist.

The seminar/workshop was indeed a successful and memorable gathering where students learned about being a legit member of the school’s Culture and Arts organization—eTheatro. They were taught about diverse cultures and dances to feel more comfortable and encourage personal interest in promoting local arts. The activity also allowed them to interact with a broader range of social groups to feel more confident in themselves by wearing make-up and gracefully dancing to the cultural beat in their dazzling costumes.