ReCool Technologies bags 1st Runner-up

By Diane Therese C. Esmade, USTP System STRATCOMM

The ReCool Technologies from the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) in Cagayan de Oro won 1st Runner-up for the QOMPETE Intercollegiate Technopreneurs Challenge 2022.

The team’s innovation, targeted at fishermen, is called The ReCool Smartbox, a renewable cooling storage for fish that eliminates the need for ice and single-use plastics. With the ReCool Smartbox, you only need seawater and the sun!

Mr. Lenard Greg Ybañez during the QOMPETE Intercollegiate Technopreneurs Challenge 2022 Final Pitch

The ReCool Technologies team is composed of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Engineering students:

  • Engr. Nelson Corbita
  • Jhumarianne Yongco
  • Lenard Greg Ybañez
  • Jose Ignacio Taculayan
  • Engr. Diogenes Armando Pascua

The QOMPETE Intercollegiate Technopreneurs Challenge 2022 was organized by QBO Philippines. They aim to develop, grow, and scale a competitive startup ecosystem in the Philippines and provide an avenue for collaboration and innovation with the vision of helping Filipino startups change the world.