STRATCOMM Media Production Team

The Media Production Team of the Strategic Communication Office (STRATCOMM) transforms ideas into captivating visuals. Our skilled team orchestrates the entire production process, from concept to editing, delivering compelling content. We specialize in creating dynamic videos, graphics, and multimedia presentations that leave a lasting impression.

STRATCOMM Head of Media Production - Diane Therese C. Esmade

Diane Therese C. Esmade

Head of Media Production

The mastermind behind media production and a wordsmith extraordinaire! When she’s not busy crafting compelling content, you can find her at any local coffee shop around the city—or you probably won’t, because she’d rather stay indoors!

Email: [email protected]

STRATCOMM Video Editor - Ren Nilou S. Dahilan

Ren Nilou S. Dahilan

Video Editor

A graduate of USTP, Ren has shared his video editing talent and skills with the team, providing fresh ideas for project after project. He uses his free time to play with his Nintendo Switch and put on his favorite game, Just Dance!

Email: [email protected]

STRATCOMM Video Editor - Maria Kelsey Shane I. Cabaraban

Maria Kelsey Shane I. Cabaraban

Video Editor

The rhythm game fan who loves to tap away the notes on a chart! As a video editor, Kelsey has a roomful of creative ideas that make her videos entertaining and youthful. Often, you’ll find her with a camera on hand, ready to snap footage of any event or happening.

Email: [email protected]