USTP CDO Kahamili Awards 2023: Ascend to Excellence, A Terrace Experience

By Eric Vincent A. Dotarot, USTP System Strategic Communication Office

On November 21, 2023, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) Cagayan de Oro organized the Kahamili Awards 2023 – a night of honor and celebration at the Dr. Ricardo E. Rotoras (DRER) Memorial Hall. The event showcased and honored the exceptional achievements and contributions of the USTP’s brightest minds and dedicated Trailblazers.

USTP CDO Kahamili Awards 2023 Ascend to Excellence, A Terrace Experience 1

The theme for this year’s Kahamili Awards, “Ascend to Excellence: A Terrace Experience,” captured the essence of the awards as a transformative experience, similar to ascending a terrace, each step symbolizing a milestone in the pursuit of excellence. The Kahamili Awards is an event celebrated every academic year to continually inspire a new generation of students. It acknowledges individual successes and emphasizes each student, instructor, and staff member’s potential to contribute effectively to society.

Atty. Dionel Albina USTP CDO Kahamili Awards 2023 Ascend to Excellence, A Terrace Experience

The ceremony opened with an inspirational message from Atty. Dionel O. Albina, USTP CDO Chancellor, who emphasized how receiving an award should not be the main goal. It is the consciousness of the journey that led Trailblazers to the award as well as the relationships they fostered throughout that should be given more importance.

Dr. Maria Cecilia L. Pangan USTP CDO Kahamili Awards 2023 Ascend to Excellence, A Terrace Experience

Dr. Maria Cecilia L. Pangan, the USTP System Vice President for Student Affairs and Services, also gave her message on behalf of Dr. Ambrosio B. Cultura II, USTP System President.

“The University is not only dedicated to fostering academic growth but also deeply invested in the overall development of the most important stakeholders: the students,” Dr. Pangan highlighted.

Dr. Pangan stated that this event allowed the students to take pride in their accomplishments, saying:

“This ceremony is part of the development of the students’ involvement beyond the confines of the classroom. Where true learning encompasses a reverse range of experiences, allowing them to exercise their skills and leadership.”

Dr. Pangan ended her message by urging all students to continuously pursue excellence in everything they do and use their accomplishments as a springboard for the future.

After the message, the most awaited part of the program started — the Awarding Ceremony.

Kahamili Awards 2023 Awardees

MASTS 2023 Awardees

Gold Medal

  1. Jose Carlo C. Saldon (3×3 Basketball Men)
  2. Jhesreel M. Paña (3×3 Basketball Men)
  3. John Michael L. Gabitano (3×3 Basketball Men)
  4. Christian Keer C. Vasquez (3×3 Basketball Men)
  5. Charlene R. Lusterio (Taekwondo-Sparring)
  6. Franco Luis Vega (Taekwondo-Poomsae Mixed Pair)
  7. Jojane Claire Naguita (Taekwondo-Poomsae Mixed Pair)
  8. Shaira Bonita (Arnis Women)
  9. Joseph Palacio (Arnis Men)
  10. Denise Juliza T. Calingin (Karate Women)
  11. Crisha Ann M. Gesolga (Karate Women)
  12. Rhenzel T. Amora (Karate Women)
  13. Mary Queen O. Paculanan (Karate Women)
  14. Khyle Trisha M. Sustituido (Karate Women)
  15. Ella Shyrenne Jayne Galon (Karate Women)
  16. John Dave A. Jimenez (Karate Men)
  17. Gerald G. Solidor (Karate Men)
  18. Jireh Mark M. Amoto (Swimming Men)
  19. John Alwen L. Garcia (Swimming Men)
  20. Bethel Joyce Sadora (Palarong Pampook)
  21. Abegail J. Lastimado (MLBB Women)
  22. Lestelle F. Sy (MLBB Women)
  23. Karylle Anne Maagad (MLBB Women)
  24. Jireh Angelo S. Quirog (CODM Men)
  25. Alexies G.Rondina (CODM Men)
  26. Leonard Eman L. Tolibas (CODM Men)
  27. Irisjen E. De Lara (CODM Women)
  28. Jennifer O. Boslon (CODM Women)
  29. Eliza Laine C. Diokno (CODM Women)
  30. Magelle Dayne Q. Agbalog (CODM Women)
  31. Judy Lou S. Fuentes (CODM Women)
  32. Diana Mae Capistrano (SCUAA National Games)
  33. Lorebina Ii C. Carrasco (SCUAA National Games)
  34. Bhea Buen N. Ecal (SCUAA National Games)
  35. Therese J. Solangon (SCUAA National Games)
  36. Jireh Mark M. Amoto (SCUAA National Games)

Silver Medal

  1. Glee Estelle Juario (Palarong Pampook)
  2. Jed Cyrus Juario (Palarong Pampook)
  3. Alexandra Victoria Dumotan (Palarong Pampook)
  4. Hannah Shannen Gamutin (Badminton Women)
  5. Jephcyl Marie L. Lamberte (Badminton Women)
  6. Jaziel Micah L. Lamberte (Badminton Women)
  7. Grace Cubero (Badminton Women)
  8. Jezryl Monet L. Lamberte (Badminton Women)
  9. Nelle Johann S. Pulta (Table Tennis Women)
  10. Allyza Jade Asequia (Table Tennis Women)
  11. Farah Mae Cañete (Table Tennis Women)
  12. Arianne S. Guiroy (Table Tennis Women)
  13. Andrei Jose Yucada (Table Tennis Mix Doubles)
  14. Nelle Johan S. Pulta (Table Tennis Mix Doubles)
  15. Franco Luis Vega (Taekwondo-Poom Sae Team)
  16. Romar M. Gramor (Taekwondo-Poom Sae Team)
  17. Jojane Claire Naguita (Taekwondo-Poom Sae Team)
  18. Hannah Loiune B. Mission (Taekwondo-Poom Sae Team)
  19. Kyle Diane J. Agbalog (Taekwondo-Poom Sae Team and Individual))
  20. Jed Cyrus S. Juario (Pickleball – Team)
  21. Jozua Cyd S. Juario (Pickleball – Team)
  22. Jessa Mae Tuba (Pickleball – Team)
  23. Marianne Pansit (Pickleball – Team)
  24. Nelle Johann Pulta (Pickleball – Team)
  25. Jurelen Mae Bernaldez (Arnis Women)
  26. Aubrey Marie Catulong (Arnis Women)
  27. Ryan Francis A. Calonge (Karate Men)
  28. Joshua Rey D. Tecson (Karate Men)
  29. John Michael E. Zarate (Karate Men)
  30. Hubert Jay De Jose (Karate Men)
  31. Philip Joshua Valdehueza (Karate Men)
  32. Niros Val A. Inojales (Karate Men)
  33. Leonard C. Dela Cruz (Swimming Men)
  34. Ma. Marganette S. Potot (Swimming Women)
  35. Tanya Ysabel L. Barero (Swimming Women)
  36. Mariela Mae D. Albatera (Swimming Women)
  37. Jed Cyrus Juario (SCUAA National Games)
  38. Rommel Roullo (SCUAA National Games)

Bronze Medal

  1. Renz Reformina (Badminton Men)
  2. Dwyne Kirk Tirasol (Badminton Men)
  3. Ricablanca, Justinyves (Badminton Men)
  4. Aganan, Carlos Daniel (Badminton Men)
  5. Kryzel M. Mabayo (Taekwondo – Sparring)
  6. Gayle Bucio (Basketball – Women)
  7. Krystal Marie Lagamon (Basketball Women)
  8. Rosemel Espinosa (Basketball Women)
  9. Maybelle Leah Millama (Basketball Women)
  10. Johanna Mae Ordaniel (Basketball Women)
  11. Reiner John Uba (Arnis Men)
  12. Kin Jovan Pardilanan (Arnis Men)
  13. Marian Kyna Magaling (Arnis Women)
  14. Abby Sophia E. Edralin (Karate Women)
  15. Marrie Joy Hormiguera (Karate Women)
  16. Carlos Daniel Aganan (SCUAA National Games)
  17. Renz Joshua T. Reformina (SCUAA National Games)
  18. Justin Yves Ricablanca (SCUAA National Games)
  19. Dwyne Kirk Tirasol (SCUAA National Games)
  20. John Alwen L. Garcia (SCUAA National Games)


  1. Gennie Mae C. Baybado (SCUAA National Games)
  2. Maxene Rose Q. Hugo (SCUAA National Games)
  3. Cindy Dela Cruz Edoc (SCUAA National Games)
  4. Katheryn F. Muit (SCUAA National Games)
  5. Kerstien Angela A. Pedrosa (SCUAA National Games)
  6. Keanna Marie P. Torres (SCUAA National Games)
  7. Renzyl L. Villamor (SCUAA National Games)
  8. Rose Mae T. Zuello (SCUAA National Games)
  9. Kendra Kiersten Pang-an (Futsal Women Division)

MASTS 2022 Awardees

Gold Medal

  1. Ian Cendred N. Manlanat (Radio Drama Solo)


Wood Medal

  1. Danika Pharamela Sabellita (Indigenous Dance)
  2. Alaizha Gwene T. Galabo (Indigenous Dance)

Best Project

Innovate Solution Challenge
Google Developers Student Clubs – USTP

Abag Kanimo: A CE Donation Drive
Junior Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers – USTP CDO

PamiNOW: Deaf Community Awareness
Senior High School Governing Council – USTP CDO

Outstanding Moderator


  1. Petal May Dal
  2. Dr. Josephine Visande
  3. Engr. Kristiane B. Pagurayan


  1. John David Moncada
  2. Engr. Prances Cloribel
  3. Mary Louise Pimentel, RPm
  4. Jennifer O. Parcutilio, PhD

Outstanding Student Leadership


  1. Clark James Tagalog
  2. Yul Jhon Jaranilla
  3. Christopher John Raagas


  1. Xander Guiller B. Galendez
  2. Joshua Ken Padilla
  3. Starian Miles Sanico
  4. Chelzy Madrazo

Outstanding Student Organization

Gold Awardees

  1. Senior High Governing Council
  2. Student Council of Information Technology and Computing
  3. Student Council of Science and Technology Education
  4. University City Scholars
  5. University Scholars Society
  6. Google Developer Student Clubs – USTP
  7. Junior Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers
  8. Leadership Empowerment and Development Society

Silver Awardees

  1. Federation of Accredited Extracurricular Student Organization
  2. Student Council of Engineering and Architecture
  3. Andam Higala
  4. Mathematics and Physical Sciences Educators Society
  5. USTP Red Cross Youth
  6. Society of Information Technology and Enthusiasts
  7. State University of Technology Communication Management Society
  8. Association of Research Innovation and Extension Services
  9. Junior Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines – USTP Chapter
  10. Guild of Junior Data Scientists
  11. USTP Chess Enthusiasts
  12. Environmental Science Society
  13. Peer Group Society

Bronze Awardees

  1. Student Council of Science and Mathematics
  2. Student Council of Technology
  3. The Trailblazer Publication
  4. Al-Raid Muslim Student Organization
  5. Chemistry Society
  6. USTP Balangaw
  7. Applied Physical Science Society
  8. MAS-Amiscus
  9. Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines Student Edition
  10. Association of Geodetic Engineering Students
  12. Society of Electronics and Communication Technology
  13. Philippine Association of Food Technologists – PSI Chapter
  14. Society of Manufacturing Engineering Technologist
  15. State University Electro-Mechanical Technology Society
  16. Solidarity of Autotronics Society
  17. State University Electrical Technology Society
  18. USTP DOST-SEI Scholars’ Guild
  19. Student University Mathematics Society
  20. United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary
  21. Junior Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers
  22. Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers Council of Student Chapter – USTP Chapter
USTP CDO Kahamili Awards 2023 Ascend to Excellence, A Terrace Experience Trailblazer Values Awardees

Trailblazer Values (Special Award)

  1. Marco Cahulugan
  2. Coila Stefan Pepito
  3. Paul Joshua Dejarme

Athlete of the Year

  1. Christine delos Reyes

DRER Finalists

  1. Allan Gabriel Arban Lariosa
  2. Hannah Mae Quitoriano Hormiguera
  3. Kristine Jane Mercado Laid
  4. Ryan Gaas
Engr. Erich Abad USTP CDO Kahamili Awards 2023 Ascend to Excellence, A Terrace Experience

After all the awards were given to their well-deserving recipients, Engr. Erich P. Abad, USTP CDO Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Services, gave his closing remarks, expressing his heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to everyone who made the event fruitful.

USTP CDO Kahamili Awards 2023 Ascend to Excellence, A Terrace Experience Awardees 2
USTP CDO Kahamili Awards 2023 Ascend to Excellence, A Terrace Experience Awardees 1

“KAHAMILI” is the Cebuano term for excellence. The Kahamili Awards, established in 2017, has become a cornerstone of the USTP Cagayan de Oro as a platform to honor and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of the University community and their contributions to positive change.

Sanghimig Chorale USTP CDO Kahamili Awards 2023 Ascend to Excellence, A Terrace Experience

As the night drew to a close, the Kahamili Awards will continue to be a testament to the unwavering pursuit of excellence and a reminder that within USTP’s walls, greatness is both celebrated and nurtured.

Congratulations, Trailblazers!