USTP KALAMAG seizes Overall Champion in Philippine Rodeo Finals 2024

By Imelda U. Hebron, Ph.D., USTP Claveria

April 9 to 13, 2024 – The USTP KALAMAG Rodeo Team from the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines in Claveria, Misamis Oriental (USTP Claveria) emerged as the undisputed champion at the Philippine Rodeo Finals 2024, held in Masbate, Philippines. 

The team’s exemplary performance earned them the prestigious Overall School Champion title, outshining 17 other universities from across the nation. With an impressive tally of 26 points, they were followed by Central Luzon State University (CLSU) Bulls Rodeo, which garnered 22 points, and Xavier University – Manresa, which garnered 19 points.

KALAMAG women team skillfully restraining and casting down cattle with teamwork, harmony, and strength.


The men’s team, composed of strong and skilled aggies, namely Nahshun Cabanacan, Emmanuel II Hebron, Clark Dave Sabuero, Aldo Binanhao, Lance Wesley Supremo, Marco Padilla, Clark Reyvanz Vanguardia, and Samuel Santaan, showcased their courage and competence. Meanwhile, the women’s team, composed of courageous and competent BS Agriculture students, namely Ailen Silapon, Angelyn Camaso, Jocelyn Hingcayog, Genevieve Walag, and Tresa Pacalda, demonstrated their unwavering spirit and dedication.

Clark Sabuero in his bull riding stint

The following were the awards garnered by the team:

For the Men’s Category

  • 1st Place in Cattle Casting (78 seconds)
  • 2nd place in 4-person Carambola (37 seconds)
  • 4th place in 2-person Carambola (71 seconds)
  • 2nd Place in Bullriding  
  • 8th Place in Steer Lassoing from horseback
  • 1st place in the non-cattle event – load-carrying


For the Women’s Category:

  • 2nd place in 4-person Carambola
  • 8th place in 2-person Carambola, 
  •  8th place in cattle casting,
  • 3rd place in steer lassoing on horseback 
  • 7th place in non-cattle load-carrying

This victory is a momentous occasion for USTP Claveria, marking the university’s debut at the Philippine Rodeo Finals. It symbolizes the university’s commitment to excellence and ability to nurture and showcase top-tier talent in various fields.

Trailblazing as Rodeo Enthusiasts

The Masbate National Rodeo Finals, an annual celebration of rodeo culture, allowed participants to demonstrate their mastery of the art of being a cowboy while emphasizing the importance of safety and correct techniques in handling cattle. 

With unwavering support from the Office of Student Affairs of USTP Claveria, the university proudly sent USTP KALAMAG and USTP-ELASSO to compete in the Philippine Rodeo Finals. Their journey was a testament to their skills, determination, and relentless hard work, fostering a strong camaraderie among all participants. As the undisputed champions of this prestigious competition, USTP-KALAMAG sets a standard of excellence for future rodeo enthusiasts to strive for. 

Champions of Sports and Friendship: USTP Kalamag (in purple and white shirts) and CLSU Bulls