USTP PMEs gather for Capacity Building and Consultation Meeting at Claveria Campus

By Melissa Agawin, SPME Technical Writer

Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PME) Teams from all over the USTP System met for a capacity building activity and consultation meeting that was held at USTP Claveria, on March 13-14, 2023. The two-day activity was held for the PMEs to level off on various objectives for the fiscal year, analyze areas for improvement, and craft strategies and best practices for better PME processes and services.

PMEs in discussion and consultation |Photo by Vicmar Suazo

The first agenda that was discussed during the activity was the new form for the Client Satisfaction Survey (CSS). The PME teams consulted one another on the best ways forward regarding the new form for CSS, as well as what steps in the process may be improved. Another agenda that was deliberated by the participants were the physical targets of GAA 2023. For this agenda, the PMEs discussed the possible options of GAA for USTP, as well as the different laws that the USTP may use as reference for each option. The PMEs also levelled off on APRR 2022 DBM Comments and Recommendations.

Other issues discussed include the finalization of the 2022 OPCR Performance Review and Evaluation, and other secretariat matters such as a unified calendar of activities for all PMEs to use throughout the year. A unified calendar of activities will allow the teams to collaborate more efficiently, as well as improve time management for different requirements and matters to be handled by the teams.

PMEs crafting an action plan | Photo by Vicmar Suazo

All in all, the capacity building and consultation meeting was deemed as a success as the PMEs were able to pinpoint areas of improvement and create an action plan for the objectives of the coming year. Aside from crafting strategies and best practices, the teams also strengthened their relationships with one another, resulting in improved group dynamics among the PMEs.

PMEs during courtesy visit to USTP Claveria Chancellor Dr. Renato O. Arazo| Photo by Vicmar Suazo

The USTP aims to become a nationally recognized science and technology university, and its achievements so far have been a result of the collaborative effort of its faculty, staff, and students. PME CDO, PME Claveria, and SPME look forward to seeing the university take yet another step closer to its mission and vision, supported and made possible by the performance, monitoring, and evaluation teams.