Unleashing Engineering Excellence: USTP College of Engineering's Hard Hatting Ceremony

The USTP College of Engineering recently hosted its highly anticipated Hard Hatting Ceremony, a momentous celebration of innovation and dedication. Taking place at the prestigious Dr. Ricardo E. Rotoras Memorial Hall on February 3, 2024, this event marked a significant milestone for the engineering students as they prepared to embark on their professional journey.

The purpose of the Hard Hatting Ceremony was two-fold. Firstly, it symbolized the students’ transition from academia to the practical world of engineering. The donning of hard hats represented their readiness to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios, emphasizing the hands-on nature of their chosen field. Secondly, the ceremony aimed to foster a sense of pride, responsibility, and camaraderie among the students, uniting them in their shared mission to make a positive impact on society through their engineering expertise.

Speakers at the event, including Engr. Apple Morillo, Engr. Rosalie Vertudes, Dr. Vera Karla Caingles, and Dr. Mycel Capilayan delivered inspiring messages that highlighted the significance of the occasion. As the students were presented as apprentices by their respective department chairpersons, the atmosphere buzzed with pride and anticipation. With the declaration of apprentices, the USTP College of Engineering embarked on a new chapter, united in their commitment to unleash engineering excellence and shape a future filled with innovation, progress, and transformative impact.

Empowering Out-of-School Youth: Basic Electronics Training in Banisilan, Cotabato

In a commendable effort to empower the out-of-school youth of Banisilan, Cotabato, a Basic Electronics Training program was conducted on December 15, 2023. Led by dedicated faculty members from the electronics engineering department, the program aimed to equip participants with fundamental knowledge and skills in electronics. The event was organized in collaboration with student leaders of the junior organization, with invaluable assistance from the local government unit (LGU) of Banisilan.

The training program commenced with a warm welcome and a registration process, ensuring that all participants felt valued and included. Following this, a statement of purpose was delivered, emphasizing the objectives and significance of the training. An essential highlight of the program was the signing of a memorandum of agreement, solidifying the commitment of all stakeholders to the success of the initiative.

Throughout the training, five topics on basic electronics were covered, accompanied by practical sessions on breadboarding and actual circuit building. This hands-on approach allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and develop their skills through active engagement. The culmination of the program featured the presentation of outputs, showcasing the participants’ achievements and progress. Finally, the event concluded with closing remarks, expressing gratitude to all involved and highlighting the transformative impact of the training on the out-of-school youth of Banisilan.

Overall, the Basic Electronics Training program in Banisilan exemplified a collaborative effort between the electronics engineering department, student leaders, and the LGU, aimed at providing educational opportunities to the out-of-school youth. By equipping participants with foundational knowledge and practical skills, the program fostered empowerment and opened doors for future educational and career prospects in the field of electronics.

Building Bridges: USTP's Industry-Academe Forum Strengthens Collaboration in Engineering and Architecture Education

The College of Engineering and Architecture at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) held an industry-academe forum at the Career Center on November 29, 2023. The forum served as a platform for collaboration and partnership between the university and industry stakeholders. It was organized jointly by the Career Center and the College of Engineering and Architecture, and it brought together industry partners along with chairpersons and coordinators from each department within the college.

The event began with a warm welcome and a registration process to ensure a smooth start for all participants. This was followed by opening remarks, setting the stage for the discussions that would unfold. A statement was then presented, outlining the purpose and objectives of the activity, which emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between academia and industry.

The program featured a presentation and subsequent discussion on potential collaborations between the university and industry, including opportunities for internships, faculty immersion, and other joint initiatives. Additionally, an overview of the USTP’s College of Engineering and Architecture program courses was provided, along with updates to keep the participants informed about recent developments.

Furthermore, the attendees were extended an invitation to join the academe-industry council, which would serve as a platform for ongoing collaboration and dialogue between the two sectors. The forum concluded with closing remarks that highlighted the significance of the event and expressed gratitude to all participants for their active engagement and contributions.

Overall, the industry-academe forum at USTP’s College of Engineering and Architecture facilitated meaningful discussions and strengthened ties between the university and industry partners, fostering a collaborative environment for mutual growth and development.

RBR-NGCP Educational Tour Inspires USTP Engineering Students

On October 27, 2023, the RBR-NGCP Educational Tour sponsored by Hon. Rufus B. Rodriguez provided a transformative experience for 55 electrical engineering students from the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP). The day began with an enlightening morning program at USTP CDO, where Atty. Dionel Albina, Dr. Lory Liza Bulay-og, and an NGCP representative delivered inspiring messages. They emphasized the importance of practical experience in complementing classroom learning and preparing students for future careers in the industry. The students were further motivated by the inspirational message from Hon. Rufus B. Rodriguez who encouraged them to pursue excellence in their studies and aspire to make a positive impact in the field of electrical engineering. These speeches highlighted the importance of the tour in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

The educational tour played a crucial role in expanding the horizons of the electrical engineering students. Beyond the confines of the classroom, the students had the opportunity to witness firsthand the operations and technologies involved in power transmission and distribution systems. This practical exposure allowed them to connect the theoretical concepts they learned with real-world applications, bringing their academic knowledge to life.

In the afternoon, the students embarked on a tour of NGCP’s facilities in Iligan City. This hands-on experience allowed them to witness the intricate systems and cutting-edge technologies involved in power transmission and distribution. By observing the operations firsthand, the students gained a deeper understanding of the industry and the practical challenges involved.

In conclusion, the RBR-NGCP Educational Tour provided USTP electrical engineering students with a valuable opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The combination of inspiring messages during the morning program and the immersive tour of NGCP’s facilities in the afternoon enriched their understanding and motivation. Such educational tours are vital in preparing students for the demands of the industry, equipping them with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their future careers as electrical engineers.

Architectural Dreams Take Shape: USTP's Hard Hatting Ceremony Commemorates Graduating Architecture Students' Apprenticeship Journey

On September 22, 2023, the highly anticipated Hard Hatting Ceremony took place at USTP’s Performing Arts Theatre, within the College of Engineering and Architecture building. This exceptional event brought together the graduating students of the Architecture program, alongside esteemed faculties from the Architecture Department, marking the beginning of their apprenticeship deployment.

The ceremony unfolded with a captivating program carefully designed to honor the significance and symbolism of the apprenticeship journey. Participants were treated to a vivid description of the apprenticeship ceremony, immersing them in the rich traditions and rites associated with this transformative experience. The ceremony’s symbology served as a powerful reminder of the responsibilities and opportunities that awaited the graduates as they embarked on their professional paths.

Architect Adolph Vincent Vigor, the esteemed chairman of the Architecture Department, delivered an inspirational message that resonated deeply with the graduates. His words encouraged them to embrace the challenges and triumphs that lay ahead, urging them to channel their passion and creativity into shaping the built environment with integrity and vision.

A highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the apprentices, a moment where each graduate’s unique journey and achievements were celebrated. This segment not only showcased their hard work and dedication but also served as a testament to the guidance and mentorship provided by the faculties in the Architecture Department. To ensure a smooth transition into their apprenticeships, the ceremony included a comprehensive orientation for the apprentices. This orientation equipped them with essential knowledge and insights into the practical aspects of their upcoming professional experience, empowering them to navigate the intricacies of the architectural industry.

The Hard Hatting Ceremony at USTP exemplified the institution’s commitment to nurturing and preparing the next generation of architects. It served as a powerful testament to the graduates’ accomplishments thus far and their readiness to contribute to the real-world projects that await them.

AboitizPower Annual Scholarship Program Caravan Empowers Promising Electrical Engineering Students

In a remarkable display of excellence and innovation, AboitizPower – Distribution Utilities (AP DU) hosted its highly anticipated Annual Scholarship Program Caravan at the esteemed University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) on September 21, 2023. This exclusive event, carefully curated to identify exceptional first-year electrical engineering students in Visayas and Mindanao, offered a transformative opportunity for the brightest talents in the field.

Under the guidance of the esteemed College of Engineering and Architecture dean and distinguished Electrical Engineering faculties, the AboitizPower Annual Scholarship Program Caravan aimed to discover and empower the future leaders of electrical engineering. With a dedicated focus on nurturing talent, the program provided extraordinary perks, including full coverage of tuition fees throughout the scholars’ entire bachelor’s degree journey, ensuring that financial constraints wouldn’t hinder their pursuit of academic excellence.

Beyond financial support, AboitizPower demonstrated its commitment to these deserving scholars by offering board exam and review subsidies. This invaluable assistance equipped them with the necessary resources and guidance to conquer the licensure examination, propelling them closer to their dream of becoming accomplished electrical engineers.

The atmosphere at USTP was filled with anticipation and promise as aspiring students gathered to showcase their potential. The prestigious scholarship program caravan served as an unparalleled platform for these young minds to shine, navigating a series of assessments and interviews designed to identify individuals with exceptional aptitude, dedication, and vision.

The AboitizPower Annual Scholarship Program Caravan exemplifies a steadfast commitment to the growth and development of the electrical engineering field in Visayas and Mindanao. By investing in the education and future of these promising students, AboitizPower is shaping a generation of trailblazers who will contribute to the region’s progress and prosperity.


USTP Electrical Engineering Participation in New Energy Nexus Training:

“Introduction to Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) Training for Professional and Entrepreneurs” on May 31 – June 2 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM held at New Dawn Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City

  • Clark Darwin Gozon
  • Christopher Dolino
  • Ellen Jane Gulben
  • Teodely Apple Morillo
  • Mitchel Magsayo

“Training on Incubation Program Support for to Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) Startups” on June 5 – 7, 2023 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM held at New Dawn Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City

  • Daxter William Gulben
  • Rosalie Vertudes
  • Orniel delos Reyes
  • Lorenz Jan Crujido
  • Abdul Halil Abdullah II
  • Venessa Garcia

Philippine Technological Council Accreditation Review and Visit

College of Engineering and Architecture was observed by the Philippine Technological Council Accreditation Team together with the Washington Accord Panel for the general review of the four particular programs in Engineering, the Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Exit Meeting happened last January 25, 2023 with Program Evaluators Team, Accreditation Officer/Staff together with the Senior Leadership Team (Management Committee and CDO Admin Committee).

Last January 21 to 25 , 2023 the PTC Accreditation Review and Visit at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines USTP, was indeed a successful event that happened in the University, especially at the College of Engineering and Architecture CEA.


Program Evaluators Team, Accreditation Officer/Staff, and Washington Accord visited the facilities of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines USTP last January 22,2023 as part of Accreditation Review and Visit.

he activity with the program evaluators of the Accreditation Members and Washington Accord together with the Engineering student at the University of Science of Technology of Southern Philippines .

The interview with the 1st year to 5th year students with the program evaluators from different programs specifically the Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

MOA Signing between MSU-IIT and USTP-CDO for the Establishment of the Mirror Laboratory in USTP

True to its mission to bring the world of work into the actual higher education and training to students, USTP-CDO signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) as a collaborating university of the Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) for the establishment of mirror laboratories in Microelectronics IC design as well as research collaboration through the DOST-GIA funded Center for Integrated Circuits and Devices Research (CIDR).
The MOA signing program was attended by USTP-CDO Chancellor, Atty. Dionel Albina, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Engr. Alex Maureal, CEA Dean, Dr. Lory Liza Bulay-og, and the Microelectronics Team of the ECE department- Engr. Arcel Salem, Engr. Mycel Capilayan and Engr. Ace Virgil Villaruz last November 22 at MSU-IIT.
CIDR is a DOST-funded infrastructure and framework for resource sharing among academe, industry, and government for graduate-level manpower development, technology exploration and increased technology absorption capabilities, all of which contribute to a sustainable local IC design ecosystem.
Under the terms of the agreement, MSU-IIT will procure the server and industry-standard IC design software tools for USTP-CDO for the establishment of a mirror Microelectronics laboratory, patterned with the same laboratory in the University of the Philippines – Diliman. In exchange, USTP-CDO shall commit to the full utilization of the tools and shall produce ECE graduates with a specialization in the Microelectronics track.
According to Prof. Jefferson Hora of MSU-IIT, the main initiator of this collaboration, the goal of the collaboration is not only to establish IC design in USTP-CDO, but also to prepare the graduates of IC design for the actual work in the industry.
In his message, Atty. Dionel Albina gave a brief history of semiconductor industry and how this field is being dominated by Taiwan through the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). He is optimistic, however, in the vision that the academe and industry in Mindanao can replicate the success that Taiwan had. He also expressed his full support for the collaboration between USTP-CDO and MSU-IIT believing that the two universities can complement each other’s niche.
Caraga State University (CSU) also participated in the event.
Report: 𝘈𝘤𝘦 𝘝𝘪𝘳𝘨𝘪𝘭 𝘝𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘢𝘳𝘶𝘻
Photos: 𝘔𝘺𝘤𝘦𝘭 𝘊𝘢𝘱𝘪𝘭𝘢𝘺𝘢𝘯

Philippine Technological Council Workshop

The College of Engineering and Architecture conducted a PTC workshop last October 11-12, 2022 at Cafeteria Function. This was participated by the CEA Faculty Members from programs BS in Civil Engineering, BS in Electronics Engineering, BS in Electrical Engineering, and BS in Mechanical Engineering for the preparation of the necessary documents and visit of the Philippine Technological Council (PTC) through its Accreditation and Certification Board for Engineering and Technology (or “ACBET”) being a Washington Accord Provisional Signatory.

We thank the Department Chairpersons and Faculty members who exerted efforts in the workshop. Way to go in the University’s pursuit of excellence and quality education.

Highlights of Faculty Development, Training and Work shop

A. Webinars

1. 72nd National Midyear Convention of IECEP

Last June 1-5, 2022, the ECE faculty members traveled to Davao City to attend the 72nd National Midyear Convention of IECEP (Electronics Professional Organization). The convention started June 2, 2022, and ends June 4, 2022. Day 1 of the convention started with the official opening of the midyear convention and was followed with technical sessions. Other topics of the technical session continued on the second day of the convention while day 3 is a plant/city tour.

Department's Activities

Electronics Engineering Department

1. DOST Balik Scientist - Lecture Series

The Electronics Engineering department of the College of Engineering and Architecture in collaboration with the Electro-Mechanical Technology Department of the College of Technology hosted the DOST Balik Scientist Program -Professor Rodrigo Jamisola. The Balik Scientist Activities include a lecture series, in-house training, and workshop for research proposals and other research activities. on June 28-30, July 1, & July 4-8, 2022, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at USTP Boardroom, ITB AVR, ICT AVR & CEA Accreditation Room.  The lecture series was conducted last June 28-30, 2022 with the faculty members and students of the said departments.

2. In House Training on Microelectronics and IC design Standards in Industry

The Electronics Engineering Department of the College of Engineering & Architecture conducted an in-house training last June 13, 2022, at 1:00 pm at the performance arts theater (PAT). The event was in partnership with the department’s industry partner, Xinyx Design. Xinyx Design is a company that specializes in microelectronics and IC designing. Engr. Andrew Algado, operations manager of Xinyx Design Consultancy and Services Inc. is the guest/resource speaker of the said event. The event was participated by the faculty and students of the Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering Departments. The objectives of the training are: (1) To introduce microelectronics and IC design to 3rd year and graduating ECE and CPE students as one of the specializations in the Electronics Engineering field; (2) Share the industry-standard methods of IC Design used by Xinyx Design to the students and faculty members of USTP-CDO; and (3) To promote Xinyx Design to ECE students of USTP-CDO which is part of the possible academe-industry collaboration including internship and scholarship opportunities. The event started with participants’ registration. Dr. Lory Liza D. Bulay-og, dean of the College of Engineering & Architecture, gave her welcome remarks to the event followed by Engr. Ace Virgil Villaruz introduced the guest speaker. Engr. Andrew Algado started his discussion with the basic fundamentals of IC design which is the CMOS technology. CMOS technology theory comes from the concept of MOSFET which Engr. Algado emphasizes in his discussion. After the discussions on fundamentals, he introduced the concept of designing circuits in transistor level. After the IC designing, he discussed the physical layout of the designed circuits. The discussion on IC layout consists of the design rules and verification of the physical layout. The event was closed by Engr. Arcel Salem.