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“Architecture” is the art, science or profession of planning, designing and constructing buildings in their totality taking into account their environment, in accordance with the principles of utility, strength and beauty (Sec 3. Par 1, RA 9266).

Upon graduating in the program, the students shall be able to:

a. Apply concepts and principles from specialized fields and allied disciplines into various architectural problems.

b. Research literature, analyze complex architecture design problems and formulate solutions sing structural and architectural concepts.

c. Apply knowledge in history, theory, planning and new building technology and utilities in developing architectural solutions in professional practice.

d. Use various information and communication technology (ICT) media for architectural solutions, presentations, and techniques in design and construction.

e. Discuss current issues based on appropriate knowledge involving societal issues, professional, ethical, legal, and cultural concerning the practice of architecture.

f. Interpret and apply relevant laws, codes, charters and standards of architecture and concepts in sustainable development to the built environment.

g. Prepare contract documents, technical reports and legal documents used in architectural practice adhering to applicable laws, ethics, standards and regulations.

h. Able to effectively communicate orally and in writing using local and foreign languages.

i. Able to work effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams to accomplish common goals.
j. Abreast with the emerging technology solutions significant in the field of architecture practice

k. Able to manage architectural projects and construction works.

l. Apply entrepreneurial and business initiatives relevant to architecture practice.

m. Promote and preserve the Filipino culture and architectural heritage.

n. Apply knowledge in construction management; community planning development; and urban design.

  • Architect
  • Allied Service Consultant
  • Building Contractor
  • Historical Building Conservator
  • Academician
  • Urban Planner
  • Government Employee
  • Entrepreneur
  • Research Advocate