Trailblazing for a Cleaner Coast: USTP Oroquieta Students Lead Coastal Clean-Up

By By: Aljon Inting, ACCESS, USTP Oroquieta

Student leaders from the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines in Oroquieta, Misamis Occidental (USTP Oroquieta) demonstrated their commitment to environmental stewardship and community service through a coastal clean-up initiative at Sitio Punta Blanka, Mobod, Oroquieta City last April 19, 2024.

As part of the Trailblazer Leadership Summit (TLS) 2024 program, participants from this program joined forces to actively contribute to the preservation and restoration of the coastal ecosystem. Guided by TLS organizers and student volunteers, student leaders participants diligently removed litter and debris from the shores, including plastic waste, bottles, and other pollutants, aiming to beautify the coastline and raise awareness about responsible waste management and the harmful impacts of marine pollution.

Their hands-on involvement in the clean-up activities demonstrated their dedication to environmental stewardship and fostered a sense of civic engagement and community responsibility. 

The success of the coastal clean-up initiative, led by the student leaders, is a testament to the power of student-led initiatives in driving positive change. Their actions have not only beautified the coastline but also inspired others to take action. This initiative has laid the foundation for ongoing environmental conservation efforts and has fostered a culture of sustainability within USTP Oroquieta and beyond.