USTP CDO SHS advances to 2024 National Press Conference

By Jewel Daguinotas, USTP CDO SHS (STRATCOMM work immersionist)

The Spearhead Publication, the student publication of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines Cagayan de Oro Senior High School (USTP CDO SHS), secured the 4th place in the school paper competition in the Regional School Press Conference (RSPC).

The awarding was held at Cagayan de Oro National High School — Senior High School on May 4, 2024. This is also the first time for the senior high school department to compete in a school paper competition at a school press conference. The school paper qualifies for the National School Press Conference (NSPC) in July 2024.

There are 25 Grade 11 and Grade 12 students involved in the publication trained by Ms. Leah Tabosares and Mr. James Punsalan: 

  1. Jewel Rose Daguinotas                                 
  2. Allan Jumuad Jr.                                                              
  3. Matt Jason Abellanosa
  4. Jertrude Thea Mae Diolanto                                                      
  5. Mary Allaine Cabot                                                         
  6. Ian Rushell Paul Tan                                                       
  7. Vic Celestine Orain                                                         
  8. Carlyn Faith Catane                                                        
  9. Ralph Justine Butcon                                                     
  10. Gianne Loquias                                                                
  11. Leonah Leaf Campilan
  12. Noelle Angelie Lago
  13. Jeph Ashbelle Taruc
  14. Caitlynn Juliana Raro
  15. Lyza Mae Bernal 
  16. Farrah Luzon
  17. Ace Dwayne Dicdican
  18. Xet Jose Bacol
  19. Christopher Alga
  20. Fatima Joy Torremocha
  21. Miguel Estenzo
  22. Sofia Alexandra Moreno
  23. Pauline Sanoria
  24. Julian Rafael Galvez
  25. Ken Adrean Tupino

The publication has demonstrated its versatility by ranking 3rd in Best Feature Page, 4th in Best Science and Technology Page, 7th in Best News Page, and 7th in Best Layout and Page Design. It also secured the 5th position in Best School Paper at the Division School Press Conference (DSPC) in January 2024.

Only the top 10 best overall papers will qualify to compete in the National Press Conference (NSPC) 2024.