The proposed BS Applied Mathematics curriculum is designed to:

• implement the “shift to learning competency-based standards/outcomes-based education”
• a shift from a teaching–or instruction–centered paradigm to one that is learner– or student–centered
• from a more input-oriented curricular design to outcomes-based education
• students are made aware of what they ought to know, understand and be able to do after completing a unit of study.

Upon graduating in the program, the students shall be able to:
a. Acquire both a conceptual and operational understanding of the core areas of the program:
        • algebra
        • analysis
        • geometry
        • statistics and optimization

b. Appreciate the dynamic role of mathematics in science and society

c. Demonstrate proficiency in the formulation and construction of proof and reasoning, and knowledge in reading and writing mathematical proofs

d. Interpret relevant scientific data and recommend solutions to address community problems

e. Perform mathematical and statistical computations and utilize befitting technologies in data analysis

f. Articulate the latest developments in the fields of mathematical and statistical modeling by improving or enhancing existing models used in business, banking and finance, economics, and education

g. Demonstrate critical analysis and computing skills in addressing limitations and modifications of mathematical models to solve real-world problems

h. Demonstrate skills in analyzing optimization problems

i. Develop and enhance mathematical and statistical models to provide solutions to real-world problems using a variety of computer programming tools

j. Articulate mathematical and statistical ideas

  • Actuary
  • Financial Analyst
  • Analytics Consultant
  • Analytic Manager
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Researcher
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Teacher
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Operations Researcher
  • Risk Analyst
  • Risk Strategist
  • Statistician
  • Strategist
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Mathematics Modeler
  • Entrepreneur