The Bachelor in Technical-Vocational Teacher Education (BTVTEd) program is a four-year teacher education program designed to equip future teachers with adequate and relevant competencies in the area of technical and vocational teacher education. It also aims to develop highly competent and motivated teachers in Technology and Livelihood Education in their area of specialization. Furthermore, the program aims to impart knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and experiences that will provide prospective Grade 9-10 TLE teachers, Senior High School Tech-Voc Livelihood Track teachers, TVET Trainers/Instructors, and higher education institutions faculty members with the necessary competencies essential for effective teaching. The graduates of BTVTEd program are considered to have satisfied the TESDA requirement for Trainer’s Methodology, hence, there would be no need for them to take the TM assessment after passing the licensure Examination for teachers. Finally, it is expected that BTVTEd graduates will exemplify the values and qualities of UTSP brand which includes the ability to contribute to various forms of development in the community using their knowledge, skills, competence and abilities coupled with humanity values to genuinely care for others and the environment to uphold the greater good.

Upon graduating in the program, the students shall be able to:

a.) Demonstrate competence and mastery in meaningfully teaching the subject / area of specialization as required by the Philippine TVET Trainers-Assessors Qualification Framework (PTTQF)

b.) Practice professional and ethical teaching standards sensitive to the local, national and global realities (as prescribed in the UNESCO and etc.)

c.) Pursue lifelong learning for personal and professional growth through varied experiential and field-based opportunities

d.) Develop research and innovation that can be utilized for the improvement of the community and the life of every individual in general

e.) Demonstrate professionalism and excellence through the expanded leadership and significant technical contribution while promoting unity and stewardship

f.) Exhibit research capacity and teaching competencies in their chosen specialization

g.) Conduct research on improving the teaching-learning process and to develop and produce product innovations for educational, commercial and other purposes

h.) Demonstrate broad and coherent knowledge and skills in their field of study for professional work and lifelong learning

i.) Preserve and promote Filipino historical and cultural heritage based on RA 7722 as reflected in their contextualized instruction, researches, research outputs and innovations

j.) Apply with minimal supervision specialized knowledge and skills in any of the specific fields in technical-vocational teacher education

k.) Facilitate learning using a wide range of teaching methodologies and delivery modes appropriate to specific learners and their environments

l.) Apply competencies in the expansion and utilization of ICT to promote excellence, relevant, and sustainable educational practices

  • Grade 9-10 TLE teachers
  • Senior High School Tech-Voc Livelihood Track teachers
  • TVET Trainers/Instructors
  • Higher Education Institutions Faculty Members
  • TESDA Training Centers Trainers
  • TESDA Training Centers Assessors