Certificate of Teaching (COT) is a non-degree program that provides a sound theoretical foundation on professional education reinforced by outcomes-based practice. The COT program includes topics in the educational psychology, principles and techniques of teaching, principles of education, as well as the measurement, evaluation and practicum in managing and monitoring student learning.
As a certificate course, the program is designed for degree holders who wish to pursue a career as professional teachers. The course comprises the professional education component of the teacher education program required by both Commission on Higher Education and the Professional Regulations Commission.
Any holder of a bachelor’s degree may apply for admission to the program. This is in line with CHED Memo No. 11 series of 2009, which stipulates that “Graduates of non-education degrees shall take units of professional education courses to qualify for the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).”


Upon program completion, graduates are expected to develop their knowledge and competencies on classroom management, instructional delivery, curriculum planning, and assessment, making them ready for the teaching profession.


Graduates of the program are eligible to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), and can therefore become a professional teacher. They can also become highly specialized teachers. As such, a graduate of management, accounting and business degree program can teach in the Senior High School (SHS). In the same manner, graduates of biology, chemistry, applied physical sciences can also apply their specializations in the secondary level.

Earning the certificate of teaching is an essential step towards becoming a teacher. Yet, even if graduates may not pursue the teaching path, the program could be a stepping stone to an array of careers in education involving educational administration, school counseling, and social work.