The Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education is designed to provide new generation of scholars and instructional leaders with strong background in both mathematics and mathematics education. The program combines graduate-level study of mathematics and mathematics education with focus in qualitative and quantitative research methodology and other supporting field. Furthermore, The program envision to be nationally recognized as prime mover in the development of next generation of mathematics education scholars and leaders by enabling graduate students to achieve full potential through excellent instruction, conduct of individual and collaborative researches, and extension activities.

Upon graduating in the program, the students shall be able to:

a.) conduct advanced research projects and activities in mathematics education that can be basis for designing and developing mathematics curricula, propose policy and practice

b.)create and innovate technological tools and pedagogical innovation in the field of mathematics education through research potential for copyright, patent and commercialization. design and implement research-based mathematics curricula

c.) lead in in local, national and/or international educational institution

d.) Demonstrate characteristics of the next generation of mathematics education scholars who can conduct advanced research on pedagogical innovations and able to engage in the interdisciplinary public discourse on mathematics education

e.) lead and sustain the extension activities that promote mathematical proficiency and develop technopreneurial skills for the improvement of economic growth of the community

f.) pursue post-doctoral studies in mathematics education or other fields of study imbibing the following core values of the university

  • Faculty member at a research-oriented university
  • Professor
  • Master Teacher
  • School Principal/Administrator
  • Education Consultant
  • Mathematics Program Supervisor
  • Researcher
  • Superintendent
  • Education Director
  • Curriculum Planner and Developer
  • Mathematics teacher at the secondary and tertiary level
  • Textbook Author